ONCE UPON A TIME...a funny little READ!
Wednesday, 08 February 2017 00:00



I am going "over" my tutorial section so I can start adding more Tutorials a little more often...so here is a funny little read for you to enjoy while I get my "learnin' ON"!


In the beginning there was a beautiful little shiny black vintage singer featherweight, sitting in the back of a dark and lonely closet.  Not my Grandmothers closet...but likely someone's Grandmother!  I bought her on Ebay...isn't she Gorgeous?





OK...I have the machine...gotta buy some fabrics!  You just have to LOVE the smell of the Calicoes!

My OCD tendencies made me compulsively organize it all by color, on a shelf, made by my Houston.  Isn't it grand?

I think I need another shelf or two or ten!





Now that my fabric is organized...let's get to work and make something real nice!  Darn it Aunt Bethany...he guessed it!





I've been a busy girl...cutting up my fabric into strips so I can take them to the machine and sew my little heart out.  Lookey me...I'm talented!





Since I have only been quilting for a short while, I could only muster up this little quilt...maybe I am not all that talented as I once thought!

Sad thing...I used all my fabric up...

Let's buy MORE!





Thank You Mr. Computer Engineer for building this little "add on" to my Website...now I can write some really cool step by step tutorials that you will NEVER read...mostly because there are too many words!

Love You Anyways!






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