Thursday, 05 July 2018 08:50

chain piecing blocks

Moving forward with my current Baby Quilt Project...I have decided on the Hour Glass Block...

Simply because I have not made one in a SCRAPPY version and why not make it a Baby Quilt...

You know...

just in case the whole thing bores me to death and I just want to get it done!

Does this happen to YOU...or am I the ONLY one who faces this delimna?

I digress.

Never mind the fact that Kathleen has a bazillion projects in various stages of progress in the Studio to date...

It's how I ROLL!

At this point I have a Bucket List of projects that I want to do and what better way to attack the list but by making them into smaller projects...

like Baby Quilts...

Now...there's a PLAN!

Here's the skinny of what I did today...

-Cut 5.5" squares from your Print Fabrics AND your Background Fabric...to make the quilt the same size I am (36" X 44" Finished) you will need a total of 50 print squares and 50 background squares.

-Draw a line Corner to Corner on the WRONG side of all your background squares.

-RST one background square with one printed square and pin to hold in place...do this with all 50.

-Using the line as you guide...sew a 1/4" seam allowance from BOTH sides of the line...this is what I am doing today (in the picture above...be sure to double click the picture to enlarge it for better visual abiltiy)

I like to chain piece...feeding one block in right after the other...it makes for a quicker turn around!

I also like to binge watch something on Netflix and sip on copious amounts of COFFEE...so I can escape reality and live vicariously through a fictional character!


Stay tuned...

Quilt on!



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