Monday, 09 February 2009 22:06

My Studio is not the largest room you will ever enter in your life, but it has all of the essentials.  In all honesty, it is just a large bedroom but I have found that if  I call it a "Studio" it automatically sounds like a huge room with an over abundance of space.  A girl can dream, can't she?  It's because I don't have an over excessive room that I am totally compulsive about the organization of my space!  Ok, it does have a "little" bit to do with the fact that I am a NEAT FREAK!  My sisters are all getting a really good chuckle right about now.  Stop laughing Michelle and Lisa.  Remember, Mom said you have to love me, no matter what.  Embrace my compulsive behavior!

I quickly found that as my stash grew and I required more shelve space I needed to make some kind of "curtain" like cover to keep all that beautiful fabric from becoming sun faded.  My husband custom built everything in my studio, including my one of a kind design easel, so naturally I asked him to make some kind of rod that he could attach to the shelving and I could make a curtain for it that would be easily pulled to one side or the other for a complete view of my whole stash.  In this picture you can see the black metal rod he fabricated and the blue "cheater fabric" curtain pulled to the left side.  It has been a great solution for my storage delimna.  I actually have two of these shelves full of fabric...what a shocker, I know.

My fabric stash reminds me of my comedian like son Michael who thinks he is a funny dude.  When he was younger and lived at home and we went anywhere in the car and just so happened to pass by a fabric store, he would scream out..."Ahhh!...I can smell the calicos!  The kids sense of humor is a test to my sanity in many ways!  Now, years later, he still uses that phrase when fabric is involved.  Funny isn't he?

So, how do you store your stash?

This question is obviously NOT for my sisters...because they don't even know what a stash is!



avatar Lisa
You're running a little low on green. You know how Mom likes everything in green.
I do have a stash, only mine is the chocolate hidden in the file cabinet, shhh, don't tell the kids!
Your favorite sister,
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