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Monday, 07 April 2014 06:39


I am moving right along with my Dear Jane Saga...with block B-11 called Melissa's Cross, she has a total of 21 pieces...in my updated version.

To make it a little more interesting...she is Modern Pieced.  I love when a plan comes together!

I combined two of my best skills and was able to achieve a block that most resembles Jane Sickles from the 1800's.  Well...except that my Dear Jane is a Rebel in RED!

I digress...

First I went to my Dear Jane Software...where I was able to print out the portion of my block that was going to be paper pieced.  I also printed out the oval shapes that were in the template printout...it has the 1/4" seam allowance on the straight edge side of the oval...ready for use.  Instead of piecing this section, I simply cut oval shapes (that I traced from the templates...making sure to add that seam allowance on the straight edge side.  I then machine appliqued that section onto the white square background and then it was easy to sew it to the paper pieced section.

I LOVE the way it turned out...so much easier than hand piecing it...

Well...at least for ME!

Quilt On!


Friday, 04 April 2014 08:41


Another day, another Dear Jane Block in Paper Piecing Fashion!

I LOVE it when the next block is completely Paper Pieced...it frees my mind from clutter!

Don't get me wrong...I LOVE to Applique too, but the Paper Piecing is so darn FUN!

Here is Block B-10, called Jud's Trophy...she has a total of 29 pieces and I Paper Pieced it for pin point accuracy...and...

just because I could!

I am not sure where Jane Sickle got the name for this block...as this one reminds me of the Red Cross.  Perhaps, it is because I did mine in Red and White.

Does it really matter...it's gorgeous in any color way!


Quilt On!


Monday, 31 March 2014 19:47

Finally...I can upload the pictures of the adorable kitchen Holiday Towels I made for my friend and neighbor...April S. for her Birthday.  I actually had these made for over a month now, but her Birthday is tomorrow, so I had to wait till I gave them to her...you know, just incase she wondered over here to my website!

I actually had to make the towels themselves too...I couldn't find the "perfect towel" for a little special add on of Holiday Fabric.

This birdie fabric is one of my absolute favorites...it's Urban Zoologie by Ann Kelle for Moda...gotta LOVE it bunches!  It's just PERFECT for Easter and Spring!

Because I couldn't make just ONE...I pulled this beautiful Patriotic Print from my shelves to stitch the Perfect Memorial Day, Fourth of July or Labor Day Towel!

Some times Simple gifts are the BEST!



Friday, 28 March 2014 06:31

Woohoo ladies and gentlemen...my FIRST Tutorial is up and ready for you to view!  Please remember this is my first one, so bear with me while I learn and progress.  Sometimes this computer stuff overwhelms me.

If you can stand looking at my Thumbs...check it out!

I digress...

Here is Block B-9 called Tinker Toy from my Dear Jane Project.  she has a total of 9 pieces...as the background fabric is actually pieced.  Be sure to check out the Tutorial for a step by step of this Modern Pieced Block.




Let me know what you all think!



Tuesday, 25 March 2014 10:28

Now that I am working on Row B of the Dear Jane Saga...has it crossed your mind that I may have very well LOST my mind?

You know...how do you remember this crap, Kathleen?

No...I am NOT telepathic...

Although...I have been known to be extremely keen into reading someone's body language...including across the room.

It's really kinda of creepy...it sometimes scares my children!

But...it's how I roll!

Here is one of the latest Dear Jane Block Printouts from my Dear Jane Software, I had just blogged about.  If you click on the picture it will enlarge so you can see my messy strategically placed notes all around the actual block image.

What is that all about, you ask?

Well, believe it or not...I like to document EVERY thing about anything that is done in my studio...crazy, huh?  Let me explain...

These notes are the windows to success for me...(hey, I think I just became a poet with that line)...they help me as I move forward with this particular project, simply because Dear Jane...A Rebel in RED is a rule breaker!

I am making my Dear Jane using my Modern Piecing Methods, that I kind of make up as I go along from block to block...utilizing my best skills as a quilter, seamstress and applique artist.  Most of the time this is a highly successful way of piecing for me...however, somedays it ends up in the trash! But...let's face it...you gotta take the good with the bad!

That's why I take notes...I never know where the next block will take me on my Dear Jane Journey...I don't want to know, it's funner that way!

I know..."funner" is NOT a word, but I'm going to use it anyway! Wink

With these pages of Dear Jane Saga Notes, I have something to always reference back to...for instance...if I am making a block that has the same prep of the background fabric as a previous one...I have the "recipe" written down to take a peak at and repeat it without reinventing the wheel a second time.  LOL!

Here's a list of the kind of "things" I write on my printouts...

-At the top of the page...I write down whether or not the block is considered BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE or ADVANCED...according to the Dear Jane Software.

-I include all the fabric cuts I make to each fabric (red and white) for the pieces needed in the block...including how I cut the background fabric and if I had to "piece" that background fabric first.

-I document which piecing method I used or if I used more than one...I include what methods were used in what sections.

-if I Machine Appliqued any of the pieces I included the name of the piece and what I set my machine at...mostly so I could shut the machine off midstream and then go back to it and reset it to the EXACT applique stitch set up.  This happens when I receive those all so important phone calls from the Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims Quilt Show...yeah, right...in my dreams!  Lol!

-I also include a little side note (if I Machine Appliqued it) where I started and stopped the stitching to ensure a continuous sew...with no stopping or starting in different areas...I LOVE this!

-If there is alot of directional pressing of seams in the block...I will indicate which direction I press them in with arrows...for ease of construction and whatever is most pleasing to the block itself and what will help it lay completely FLAT!

-Then I add the date I made it and how many pieces were in the block (using my Modern Piecing Method).

I figure at this rate...I am ALL set if I ever decide to make another Dear Jane Quilt somewhere down the line in another colorway...you know...just to make it interesting!



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