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Thursday, 27 February 2014 16:21

If I had to choose a Favorite of all the Dear Jane Blocks that I have made so far...this would be the one...

I simply LOVE this block...

Block B-6 is called Wild Goose Chase...she has a whopping 43 pieces, and she was completely Paper Pieced

However...the Paper Piecing was NOT continuous, like in some of the simpler blocks.  Instead,  it was Paper Pieced in sections and then I sewed the pieced sections together.


I did break a few Paper Piecing Rules...you know...cuz I'm a Rebel.

Here's what I did...and it worked just GRAND...

I Paper Pieced all the different little sections, and then just "BEFORE" I sew the pieced sections together I VERY carefully removed ALL the paper from the backsides...insuring that I did NOT distort any of the seams in the process.  When I Paper Piece I always use a small stitch length so it will Perforate the paper and make it very easy to remove.

Most people who Paper Piece say you should leave ALL the paper on until everything is sewn together...

All the Paper on each section...

All the Paper on each completed Block...

All the Paper on all the rows of blocks that are sewn together...

I say...

NO...remove the paper as you go...the amount of distorting of the block that happens when you have all that Paper Bulk will be worse than any distorting you may have from removing the paper from each pieced section.

Be a REBEL...give it a try and see how you like it.

I assure you...

The Paper Piecing Police are NOT coming to your studio...they simply don't care!

It's OK...and remember...

"If you follow all the RULES...you miss all the FUN!


Wednesday, 26 February 2014 10:18

Lookey Me...

I'm taking Multitasking to a whole new level!

While working on my "Secret Project"...the one that I can't show details of...I am cranking out the Dear Jane Blocks!

Here is Block B-5, called Hot Cross Buns...click on the picture to enlarge it so you can see the little stars and moons on the white fabric...it gives the block a bit more dimension!

It takes very little to make me smile!

This block was constructed using two methods...

Paper Piecing and Machine Applique.

I love it when a plan comes together and I achieve a result that matches the block from the Dear Jane Book and Software.

First...I paper pieced the center of the block...mostly cuz I love to do it.  It's apparent...I am a control freak and paper piecing lets me "control" just a little more over the edge!  Then I added the outside white border strips to the interior block making the block unfinished at 6.5" square.

From there...it was a no brainer...I made applique pieces using Heat n Bond Lite using the diamond shapes from the print out and simply Machine Appliqued them into place...using matching White Thread.

Can it get any easier than that?

Block B-5 has a total of 15 pieces in "my version".


Tuesday, 25 February 2014 11:32

Here's another Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Block in Row B...

Especially if you Love to Paper Piece like I do!

Block B-4 is called Chris's Soccer Field and was completely Paper Pieced and finished out using a total of 21 pieces.  This block shows lots of detail...however it was not a difficult one at all.  I would consider it a Beginner, just as it is indicated in the Dear Jane Software.

Moving on...


Monday, 24 February 2014 11:45

Another Day...another Block.

Here is Block B-3 called Mirror Image...she was simply pieced and then cut out in a circle pattern and then sewn on top of a four patch. There are 8 pieces in this block.

I used Red Thread on the Red half circle and White Thread on the White half Circle to make it look more uniform...just as I did on the previous Block B-2.

This block was simple to me, since the B-2 Block was more challenging using the 1/2 square triangle units from which I cut one of the circles out of.  This Block on the other hand used a simple four patch (two of them) that I then cut a circle applique from one of them.

I guess when you do the more challenging one first...the second similar one is really easy!



Friday, 21 February 2014 09:26

Another day...working hard pretending that this Flu is still not here...

Oh, wait...it is!

At least while I am in the Studio and sewing I am concentrating on something else...other than being sick.

Moving on in Row B is this absolutely Beautiful Block...

B-2 Sweet Tater Pie is her name...she has a total of 16 pieces in my version and is unfinished at 6 1/2" square.  This time I combined a couple of my skilled techniques to make this one just perfect...did I mention she lays completely FLAT?  I LOVE it when a plan comes together!

Here's what I did...

First I used my "Wondercut Ruler" to make perfect 1/2 square triangle units and made sure to press the seams OPEN.  Yeah...I'm a Rebel like that...it's how I roll!  Since my block is unfinished at 6 1/2" square I cut them out on the 3 1/2 reference line with the Wondercut Ruler.  I then used the printout block from my Dear Jane Software to place the correct sequence of the 1/2 square triangle units together and sewed them in a four patch set...I made two of these units.  Then I used the circle on the print out to trace a pattern onto Heat n Bond Lite...making just a silhouette and not a solid pattern.  I put some cross hairs on the circle too so I could line it up onto the four patch unit.  After cutting out the circle silhouette, I used the seam lines as reference points to line up the circle on top of the four patch background of 1/2 square units...and press it into place.  Then I machine appliqued the circle in place, using Red Thread on the Red section and White Thread on the White section...being sure to lock the beginning and end of the stitching.  After it was completely appliqued into place I then turned it over and VERY CAREFULLY cut out the background 1/2 square triangle four patch unit close to the applique stitches to eliminate any bulk...





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