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Saturday, 06 June 2009 12:56

Did you think I had forgotten my little sister Mary Jo's Birthday?  Isn't MJ the cutest in this picture...all those naturally blonde curls and her olive colored skin...she is simply adorable.  Although I am sure she turned into an absolute BRAT after she smiled for the camera...just kidding sister!  My sister had a birthday on June 3rd...she's all grown up now, with a family of her own...heck she has two boys in College and a daughter in high school.   My sister Mary Jo has always been the "easy going type"  as a child and we often call her "Switzerland" today...as she avoids controversy at all costs.   She keeps her opinions to herself...come to think of it...are we REALLY sure she's part of the eight of us?  It wouldn't be fair to say any of my brothers or sisters would necessarily keep their "opinions" to themselves...that's why they call them opinions...right?  Somehow, through it all, Mary Jo manages to overcome the family tradition of "opinions" and keep it to herself.  I would say she might be able to teach me a few things about that, but let's be honest...it's not likely...I may be unteachable at this point!

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet sister of mine...just think, you are ONE more year closer to my age, and since I am going backwards now, you should catch up real soon!


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Saturday, 06 June 2009 11:02

Here it is...my new containerized project...ALL BOXED IN!  Aren't these the cutest little blocks?  They are finished at 6" square and I need a total of 48 of them for this quilt and YES, the fabric all came from that enormous stash of mine.  You gotta use sometime...I no longer have the fear of "using" something that I have been saving on a shelf for who knows how long...simply because it is TOO PRETTY TO CUT.  I have rationalized this practice in my head for years, but it comes down to the same conclusion each and every time...there are lots and lots of wonderful fabric designers and manufacturers who continue to produce beautiful fabrics EVERY single day.  So use up that stash you've been hoarding...you know you are...and make room for one of those new gorgeous fabrics that is being manufactured today. 

PS...if your name is Gail (yes GH, you know who you are) and you just can't "find the right" project for that collection of yours from the Day Z Crazy fabric line by Holly Holderman...I will more than happily take it OFF your hands!  Ha!


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Tuesday, 02 June 2009 09:51

My BLUE fabrics have been pulled from my stash and I am filling my empty container with my new Spectrum of Color Quilt...I have already named it..."ALL BOXED IN".  I am working on the design and layout in EQ5 and I need a couple of days to decide which one of the layouts I will go with...as they are all just a bit different.

When I started to pull the blue fabrics from my stash I was pleasantly surprised as to how many blue fabrics I actually had, and since there were soooo many of them I decided to go with only 9 of them.  Believe it or not I even have enough of one of them to piece the back.  Once again I am not going to actually make a final decision on the second border UNTIL I get the center of the quilt finished and layed out on the design wall.  I have a couple of ideas, but I'm not sure what will really work the best...so, we'll just have to see what the next week or so brings.


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Saturday, 30 May 2009 10:20

I told you that getting the borders on this "BRIGHT" quilt wouldn't take too long.  Be sure to click on the picture so you can get a better view of the second lime green border...it's a really adorable floral print!  This quilt is extremely bright and almost glows in the dark...somehow it seems brighter than the yellow STARBURST quilt I made last month.  Go figure.

I am already stash diving for the BLUE Fabrics which will be in the next Spectrum of Color Quilt.  It's kind of like dumpster diving, but in a MUCH cleaner environment.  For those of you who know me...like my SISTERS...you would already be aware that there is NO way on earth you would catch me in a dumpster...diving for ANYTHING...including fabric!  Ok...the truth is out...I have a germ fetish...just a little one...well, maybe a BIG one!  However, my daughter Nicole is a College student who is not afraid to dumpster dive at the University Campus.  Every once in a while I will notice Nicole wearing a new cute pair of jeans that look way to expensive for either her budget or MINE.  When I mention it to her, she is like a kid in a candy store with her "light up facial expression" telling me that she got them dumpster diving after the "rich girls" move out of the college dorms.  They seem to throw EVERYTHING out, instead of having to pack it up and move it home...she has heard the conversations between these girls that include things like..."What ever I can't get in the car now, I will just throw it away, because my DADDY will buy me ALL new stuff this FALL".  We live in a disposable world...but you have to kind of look at in a different light...my daughters wardrobe has doubled in size because of this practice amongst College kids and it didn't cost ME a dime.  Gotta love the circle of life!


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Friday, 29 May 2009 07:13

I have never claimed to be one who doesn't have a few dozen irons in the fire...it's clear, my life is crazy...or is it that I am just CRAZY?  Either way, LIFE happened this past week!  Anyway...the day is finally here...all those BRIGHT LIME GREEN "Moving in the Right Direction" blocks are completed and the rows are set into the center of the quilt.  After laying it out on the floor to make sure it was completely FLAT...I decided that I would go with two borders...the first one narrow and white and the second one a cute Lime Green floral print I found in Georgia...it's perfect!  The borders should go quickly now that the center is completed. 

I am already making plans for my "empty" container...I am thinking BLUE.  Are you beginning to see a connection here with all the quilts I have been making?  Gosh, a girl can't keep a secret...hmm?  I have now made a Teal Quilt, a Pink Quilt, an Orange Quilt, a Purple Quilt, a Red Quilt, a Yellow Quilt and now this Bright Lime Green Quilt. So what else would I do now, but make a Blue Quilt!  I am catorgorizing those grouping of "special" quilts in my SPECTRUM OF COLOR COLLECTION in the gallery section.  Don't worry, I have more plans...imagine that!  Face it, my box of crayons is just a little bit different then most peoples...so what else is new?  Just another one of my weird compulsive behaviors!

Now, let's get planning the BLUE Quilt!


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