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Thursday, 21 May 2009 16:49

I've been busy...working hard on the MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION quilt blocks and I am setting them into rows.  Gosh this quilt is BRIGHT...it's SO bright...I think I may need shades while I work on it!  I do think it is going to be stunning when I finish it...I just found some cute lime green polka dotted fabric for the backing that is going to be absolutely perfect.  I love it when a plan comes together!

The name of this quilt keeps me focused...all those flying geese are like arrows pointing me in a defined direction.  Moving in the right direction is a motivational tool for me...I know it is hard to believe but sometimes...oh HECK...let's be honest...LOTS of times I get side tracked on other projects going on in my studio all at once.  Can you believe it...ME...working on more than ONE thing at a time?  I know...that's why I have my containers close by...to keep me Moving in the Right Direction!

Just to see if my sisters and brothers are reading my blog or even checking out my website every once in a while I will let the cat out of the bag that I came across some really fun family photos that I just scanned in to use at a future date...let's just say they are PRICELESS!  Check back soon!  Let the FUN begin!


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Wednesday, 20 May 2009 20:55

I just got back from THE QUILT SHOP ON THE CORNER in Augusta, GA and now the new class displays are up and ready for your viewing.  It is definitely looking like Christmas at Kathy's store and her new Christmas Fabrics will be arriving shortly...ready for you to choose all the perfect colors for all your upcoming projects.  Working with Kathy at the Quilt Shop on the Corner is like working with a friend, she just makes you feel right at home in her store...always welcoming you with a smile!  If you are ever in the Augusta GA area be sure to stop by her wonderful store and see all she has to offer...there is something for everyone! 

One of the new classes that is scheduled for August is the TREES UP! LIGHTS ON! and I have made 4 different displays for you to use all those great tree blocks that you will be learning to make in this class.  Click on the pictures to enlarge and see them in more detail.  The picture on the left actually has a pillow made from one of the trees in the bottom right corner.  This class is a two day session and is packed full of detailed techniques that you are sure to love.

You can also make a fun wallhanging using just three of the trees or a set of neat placemats that use only one of the trees for each.  The possibilites are enless!

Check out my schedule to see more details about all of the upcoming classes scheduled in the next few months at THE QUILT SHOP ON THE CORNER in Augusta GA.


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Tuesday, 19 May 2009 17:17

I'm taking a small break from the LIME GREEN quilt to show my two quilts that I just got back from my Long Arm Quilter in Anderson...Ms. Fannie.  She did an excellent job on both quilts...the first one is my Red INSIDE THE BOX quilt that she did the Feathered Curls and Roses pattern on.  Be sure to click on the picture to get a better view of the stitching.  It's just beautiful...we both agreed that the Feathered Curls and Roses pattern would be a perfect match for the RED quilt.  I just love it!

The second quilt below is my Yellow LEMON SQUARES quilt and we decided on the Daisy Swirl pattern using a variegated yellow thread and it is absolutely perfect!  All the yellow fabrics in this quilt just call out for the Daisy Swirl pattern...click on the picture to enlarge!

Have I mentioned once or twice or twenty times how much I just love Ms. Fannie's work?  She makes me feel so comfortable when I drop off my quilts to her, knowing they are in good hands.  She is absolutely the BEST...Thanks again Fannie...you did it again!


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Saturday, 16 May 2009 13:25

I am getting started with the blocks for my "MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION" Quilt...aren't they neat?  The container is filled with lots of different Lime Green fabrics from my stash and lots of white strips for the background in the blocks.  I have a few blocks made here, and I just love the way the Lime Green fabrics "POP" off from the white background.  I need 63 of these beauties and will need a few days to whip them up, so be patient while this quilt comes together.  Once again, I have my workstation all set up so everything is readily available to me close to my sewing machine.  I save a lot of time by not getting "up" from my chair every time I need something.  You can't see it in this picture, but my iron is sitting to the right of the blocks...because irons are not just for your clothes any more!  Actually, come to think of it...besides my Mother...and ME...I don't know too many people who iron their clothes on a regular basis.  I know my Mother will tell you that the words "Permanent Press" on the tag of your clothes simply means you must "Permanently Press it BEFORE you wear it"!  Mother loves to iron, it somehow relaxes her...go figure...I sew to relax...she irons.  My mother will even iron ALL of your clothes when she comes to visit you at your home...she's good at it, so why not indulge her a bit?  When Mother comes to visit me she is always disappointed that I have all of my ironing done...it confuses her because none of her other 5 daughters have their ironing "done", so what happened with Kathleen?  My sister Mary Jo makes up for my lack of need for Mothers ironing skills...she will pull out baskets and baskets of ironing from every corner of her home so Mother "stays busy" during her visit with her.  Mother loves it, so my sister looks at it as a WIN, WIN situation...although, I think Mary Jo may be getting a bigger WIN on her part!

Can you believe it...another blog NOT about  Michelle...oh...the wheels are turning NOW!







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Tuesday, 12 May 2009 16:30

Are you wondering to yourself...Kathleen hasn't gone crazy and containerized a new project in a little while.  Quite frankly, I am a little disappointed that my sisters haven't called me to check on my mental status, since they know better than anyone how obsessed I am with the invention of the container.   None the less, I have pulled the LIME GREEN fabrics from my shelves and decided that my next quilt will be made using all of these beauties.  When I planned this quilt being made with green fabrics, I figured I would "punch" it up a little and go all LIME GREEN!  This stack of fabrics simply make me smile!

The name of this upcoming quilt has already been selected...I am calling it "MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION".  I am sure you will love the outcome...I have already drafted it on my EQ5 and it is quite stunning if I do say so myself.  I don't remember when I aquired this little obsession I have with the color LIME GREEN, but it probably has something to do with the fact that my daughter is a PINK AND LIME GREEN freak and I am on a sick obsession to hunt down and purchase every lime green fabric I find! Last Fall, in September I was working at the Seneca Quilt Show in South Carolina when the sweet little lady next to our booth had a nice assortment of lime green fabrics.  Something came over me that early morning and before I knew it I was over in her booth purchasing EVERY piece of lime green fabric she had and the sad thing is the Quilt Show hadn't even opened!  Oh well, sometimes you have to simply take a deep breath, embrace your weirdo weaknesses and HOG it ALL!  I know...it's clear...I'm mentally ill.


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