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Sunday, 10 May 2009 22:11

Today is Mother's Day...and since my Mom is funnier than most Mom's out there, I thought I would share 25 silly childhood memories about her.   Here goes...

1. Mother would always insist her 6 daughters dress exactly alike whenever Holidays came around.

2. Mother felt it was her motherly duty to put her 6 girls through years of having our "hair set" for all those important Holiday photos...like Michelle's bouffant hairdo!

3. Mother would drive herself nuts trying to keep all eight of us kids "EVEN" when gifts were given out...like at Christmas and Easter.

4. Every single birthday we celebrated, Mother insisted that the "Birthday Child" choose his or her dinner of choice and cake and ice cream of choice too.  It just wasn't a Birthday without this ritual.

5.  Mother always recited the same quote every single day of our childhood..."Can't NEVER did Anything".

6.  Mother would wake us every weekend with a cry from the bathroom for "Someone to get up and help her curl her hair".  Playing stupid about not knowing how to "operate" her curling iron was her way of getting us out of bed early on the weekends!

7.  Mother would tell us not to sleep with a fan running in our bedrooms, as it would result in getting a "crick in your neck"!

8.  Mother would control the amount of soda we drank in a weeks time by putting our names on a limited amount of glass bottled drinks.  Isn't she clever?

9.  As in #3, Mother's idea of disciplining us was keeping us even by giving us all a whippin" when one of us screwed up...this was to insure the guilty one was punished!  Actually this idea was a lot more effective than one would think...since it kept us "in line".

10.  Mother insisted each of her 6 daughters learn to iron their own clothes by the age of 10...she would even organize everyone's clothes on a huge rack in the basement and if you didn't have yours ironed and put away in the closet by Sunday evening you were on her "short list".  By the way...Mother felt like EVERYTHING you wore required ironing!

11.  Mother ran the house like an Army Barracks and NEVER apologized for her strictness...she was simply "controlling the Masses".

12.  Mother insisted that each of her 6 girls wore a dress or skirt 3 times a week to school and believe me she kept track of it!

13.  Mother is the ONLY one that Michelle allows to call her "SHELLY"...anyone else calls her by that name and you're on Michelle's "short list".

14.  Mother insists that Dr. Pepper is a medical essential and should be used when you are constipated!

15.  Mother would always tell you that if you have a tummy ache...you MUST be constipated!

16.  Mother made a weekly chore list that hung on the refrigerator for each and every child in the family...she didn't need to "check" to see if the chores were getting done by the assigned child because she taught us early in life to tattle on each other...and it worked perfectly!

17.  While other children spent their vacation off from school by playing outside, Mother would insist we clean each and every blind and window and those awful crystal chandeliers before we went outside.  Spring cleaning at it's finest.

18.  Mother believes that it is quite possible the Bag Balm product is nothing short of a modern day medical miracle.

19.  If Mother was waiting in the "Mud Room" when you got home from school, SOMEONE was in deep trouble and she was there to "greet" you with it when you came through the door...hence the saying..."You can hide from your friends, but you can NEVER hide from Mother"!

20. Mother is not happy unless she is making her homemade macaroni and cheese in a baking dish that is two sizes too small for the amount she is preparing...hence the reason you wait to clean your oven until AFTER Mother has been to your home to cook!

21. As a child in our home there was always one unwritten rule...NEVER and I mean NEVER run from Mother, because in her younger days she would chase you down and beat you to the top of the staircase waiting for you to arrive! When she got older and just a little slower she would whip her shoe at you to slow you down or grab your hair to stop you cold in your tracks.

22.  Mother coached a girls softball team at the Catholic Church, simply because she had enough players that were needed for a team living in her own home.

23.  Mother never called for us when it was dinner time...she could whistle so loud that you could hear her a mile away... and if you were smart, she didn't have to whistle twice...if you catch my drift!

24.  Mother used her "look" to control our behavior in church... like in #16, this worked perfectly!

25.  Mother says exactly what she thinks...too bad if you don't like it...she's the MOM and has no intention of being your friend!


PS...Don't worry, it's OK if you LOVE me BEST!




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Thursday, 07 May 2009 12:24

Filling my home with Patriotic Quilts is something I look forward to every May, and I usually leave them all out through the 4th of July and Labor Day.  From there I put it all away and get my Fall and Halloween Quilts and decorations out.  The Patriotic Table Runner in the picture is one I made for a store display a few years ago from the Eleanor Burns Book.  I love her patterns, books, rulers and fabric...her patterns are VERY well written, complete with great graphics.  If you are ever looking for a new pattern or book check out Eleanor Burns from Quilt in a Day...you won't be disappointed!  And go SCRAPPY, simply because it's FUN!


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Monday, 04 May 2009 19:40

Well everyone, we're officially in the month of May, so get out those Patriotic Decorations and show your American Pride!  I designed this quilted wall hanging for my sister Angela about 5 years ago...she loves everything Patriotic!  It has turned out to be one of my most popular classes over the last couple of years.  No matter what store it is hanging in it ALWAYS gets a rave review from the customers and students.  This beauty is a "play" on color, by using lots of different reds, creams, whites and even a few golds for a fun "POP".  I used the same creams, whites and golds for the star appliques too.   Don't bother to count...it is complete with 13 stripes and 50 stars...I did my homework.  I wanted it to be as close to the American Flag as I possibly could get.  If you enlarge the picture you can see that I applied a two color binding so that Navy would be around the star area and Red would be around the striped section...it made for a better final product.  I gave the quilt and pattern the name "AMERICAN DREAMS" as it just seemed appropriate. 

I am hoping that my sister Angela will let me keep this display a little longer, as my schedule is a little crazy right now and there isn't a lot of extra time in it to make another store display.  PLEASE SISTER...she loves me best so I am sure she will say YES!  Besides, isn't there a saying that goes kinda like..."possession is nine tenths of the law"?


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Friday, 01 May 2009 21:13

Please excuse the excessive glare from the door knob in this picture...I never said I was a brilliant photographer by no stretch of the imagination.  However, I do know a few things about sewing...but just a couple!  This cute little Hawaiian print fabric pocketbook is another version of the Coley's Bag, and yes, it was made for my daughter Nicole...she has used this purse to death, and I am surprised she hasn't requested a new one to replace it.  I forgot to mention in my last post about the Coley's Bag that not only does this version have a zipper across the top of the bag, it also has a zippered compartment on the inside (you know, the keeper of secret stuff pocket!).  This pocketbook is made with stiffening products so that the bag stands completely alone without anything in it...I love that particular feature of this purse the most.

The second bag on the right is the BLUES PATCHWORK PURSE  and it's a favorite in the classroom!  I have taught this class more times than I can count and it is a very highly successful seminar where most students finish their bag in class.  However, it is considered an intermediate class for those students who already have their rotary cutting skills and can accurately piece with a 1/4" seam allowance.  As in the COLEY'S BAG, this purse also has a zipper top and an interior zipper pocket.  Most students are concerned they will not be able to successfully apply their zippers into the purse, but with the no fear zipper installation technique I teach in class it is easily achieved!  Moving forward in class is top priority for me as a Professional Instructor!


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Thursday, 30 April 2009 20:37

The most popular piece in my BLUES COLLECTION store display is the COLEY'S BAG.  I designed this pocketbook about 5 years ago for my daughter Nicole.  When Nicole was younger her nickname was COLEY, not NIKKI...I know a little odd, but  I am sure my sisters would agree that I am a little odd!  It all started when the purses I made her to match her outfits simply weren't fitting her needs.  It was bound to happen and it finally did.  Nicole was running through the halls of the High School trying to get to class quickly when she dumped the complete contents of her purse on the floor!  She came home that afternoon in a total panic, insisting that I needed to learn how to make her purses with zipper closures because when she dumped her purse in the hallway of the high school her "femine products" were strewn everywhere and she was simply horrified to say the least.  So because of a tramatic day in High School I designed this pocketbook for my daughter so that she could not only have a purse that matched each and EVERY outfit that she owned but a pocketbook that could be the "keeper of her secret stuff" too!

Lookey there Michelle...another blog NOT about you...but I just love TOMORROWS!


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