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Tuesday, 28 April 2009 20:40

Here's the next piece from my BLUE'S COLLECTION Store Display...the name of this perfect little cushion is  STAR LITE BLUE PILLOW.  I just love making pillows, mainly because it is a quick way to "decorate" your home for a holiday or any particular room decor.  I am a little worried though that my Mother will see this pillow and call me with her order...she loves blue fabrics too, and I made her queen sized quilt in blue fabrics years ago.  She hasn't seen some of the pillows that I have made over the last few years and she will likely wonder why.  Sorry Mom, I can't tell you about everything...gotta keep you guessing.

When I make pillows and teach them in a classroom setting I always put a binding on the outside edge of the pillow as it gives it more of a finished look and appears as if it has a piping edge.  In this pillow sample I used the same fabric for the binding as I used for the outside border...that way it blended in really well. Sometimes I use a dramatically different fabric for the binding so the finished product will have a "POP" and will demonstrate a more pronounced look.  The next time you make a pillow try putting a binding on it instead of a piping edge.


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Friday, 24 April 2009 14:55

Here is a sample of one of my most popular classes...the Table Topper!  This one was named BLUE ELEGANCE TABLE TOPPER for my Blues Collection Store display.  The pattern is a simple derivative of the Dresden Plate and the floral fabric in this sample is absolutely beautiful and is from an older Quest for a Cure Fabric line.  I could have bought the whole bolt (which equals to the equivalent of about 20 yards of fabric) and still would not have had enough in my stash!  Yes, I have an unsettling obsession for fabrics and my sisters think it's more of an illness, rather than an obsession!  Oh well, I always say...embrace your weaknesses!

I simply love these Table Toppers and have personally made over 300 of them...to which my mother is the biggest receipient of.  She has EVERY color in EVERY holiday and in EVERY size I make...once again, you can see I come by the obsession of "things" naturally!  Everytime I walk into a quilt store there is a new fabric line calling to me saying...TABLE TOPPER, TABLE TOPPER TABLE TOPPER...and if I don't hear it on my own, Mother is screaming it at the top of her lungs.  Small things excite Mother and she is easily amused!

See, Michelle...ANOTHER blog entry that is not about YOU!  However, my mind is working overtime!




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Wednesday, 22 April 2009 17:39

Here's another addition to my Blues Collection...it's a lap size quilt I named WATERCOLOR BLUES.  I made this quilt for a breast cancer patient about 5 years ago.  I had very little knowledge about this particular patient, just that she was in her young 40's and was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Once again I chose Blues as my color theme and made this pattern from a positive and negative nine patch block.  Staying inside the same hue of color made the outcome very watercolor like.  It was a really wonderful surprise!

I am fairly positive at this point that my sisters are totally confused as to what I am talking about when I say the color theme I chose was very close in hue.  What this means is when I decided on blue as my color theme I then pull those blue fabrics that are very close in shading to each other...the only difference in them is the pattern or tonal image on the fabric.  My sister Michelle is saying...AH...yeah, RIGHT!  It is fair to say that Michelle is a little "color wheel challenged" and she may even be just a little "color blind" as well!  Even if she isn't, it sure is fun picking on her about it anyway!


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Monday, 20 April 2009 22:18

I spent the other day re-organizing my store displays when I came across my BLUES COLLECTION and thought these really need to be loaded onto my blog and given a little attention too.  My Blues Collection is primarily made from the Quest for a Cure fabric line and it is timeless.  Whenever I have this display up in a store location it always receives great reviews from the customers.  The pattern for this table runner is called BLUEBERRIES AND CREAM and I designed and wrote it several years ago.  It has been a favorite class at many stores and each time I teach it I love the different fabric choices my students make. 

BLUE fabrics have always been a favorite of mine and my fabric stash holds the proof of it.  Whenever I am unsure of what color choice I should make when planning a new quilt or quilted project I tend to choose blue, simply because it tends to have very pleasing results.  If you are planning a new project, but are stumped as to the color choice, try using BLUES and see where it takes you!  


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Saturday, 18 April 2009 15:26

Finally, my most requested class is back on the schedule...ABSOLUTE BEGINNER BASICS (PATCHWORK PLACEMATS)!  I have just added this class to my Augusta, GA schedule at The Quilt Shop on the Corner.  View the complete details about the what, where and when on MY SCHEDULE section of the main page. 

This class is designed for the Absolute Beginner who wants to check out quilting without committing themselves to a full size quilt.  In this class you will start at the beginning and learn how to accurately prepare your fabric, measure and rotary cut it.  We then move on to the accurate piecing, seam matching and pressing.  From there we learn to sandwich the placmats with batting, quilt with the walking foot and put on perfect mitered binding.  This is an all day class and you will finish one complete placemat, and then will have everything set to make three more at home.  The pattern was written by me and is included with the class.  This class is a great way to "get started" in learning to quilt and is also a great refresher for those students who have never really mastered the basics.  Join us in Augusta, Ga at The Quilt Shop on the Corner...you won't be disappointed!


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