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Thursday, 16 April 2009 21:03

This might very well be a new obsession for me...making these cute little Zippered ID Cases!  After making several that didn't quite turn out right, I think I finally have it down.  The first few are now decorating the inside of my trash can in my Studio...they just didn't make the grade, if you know what I mean.  You can't tell in this picture but the red one and the blue one are actually a bit smaller than the tan and lime green one are.  I am still experimenting with the pattern some.  The center is a clear vinyl piece so you can put your photo ID there and then there is a zipper across the top too with an extra pocket inside to hold all your monies!  I have another 4 more cut out so I can work out the little quirks that I want to be more perfect...imagine that... me...a perfectionist?  Say it isn''t so!

What I like about these neat little Zippered ID Cases is the simplicity of them.  You can grab this little guy instead of dragging your whole pocketbook with you.  It will hold your Photo ID, cash, credit cards and even change...what else does a girl need?  You can also clip your keys to the key ring and then you can lock up your house and get in your car.  Except for when you're like me and lock your keys IN THE CAR after you put your purchased groceries in the back end!   It gives a whole new meaning to "looking in from the outside!"


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Monday, 13 April 2009 05:02


28 years ago today...at 6:45 am, Mr. Computer Engineer arrived after only 2 hours of labor.  Isn't he handsome?  I thought I would share 28 things about my kid that makes him...well...Michael!

1.  Was a very good baby, he hardly cried.

2.  Photogenic...he loved the camera!

3.  Burned his fingers from the candle on his 1st Birthday Cake.

4.  When he turned one, he threw away his pacifier himself...because it made noise.

5.  Would share his toys as long as you weren't planning on keeping them.

6.  Played several years of baseball and HATED it...but stuck it out because he got to go to Dairy Queen.

7.  Realized in Junior High that he had a sense of humor.

8.  Played ELVIS in the Junior High school Play.

9.  Can raise one eyebrow while keeping the other one stationary.

10.  Can imitate voices and other people's mannerisms.

11.  Thinks he's Jim Carey.

12.  Can sing in front of crowds, even a cappella.

13.  Thinks analytically.

14.  Loved his Aunt Eleanor...or Aunt A NOR as he called her.

15.  Had an emergency Appendectomy while he was in college.

16.  Has a knowledge in computers that is unsurpassed.

17.  Is a leader, not a follower.

18.  Likes to make fun of his Mom's lack of computer skills.

19.  Is the oldest in the family.

20.  Always looks at the glass as "half full" instead of "half empty"

21.  Built a whole town display out of Legos.

22.  Gives his little sister brotherly advice when she gets a speeding ticket.

23.  Thinks his Dad can "fix everything".

24.  Loves Banana bread, even if it is a little "raw" in the middle.

25.  Thinks Bar-B-Que is a staple in life.

26.  Graduated from High School and College with Honors.

27.  Unique Collector of Ketchup packets.

28.  And last but not least...NEVER reads his Mother's Blog, simply because there are too many words!






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Sunday, 12 April 2009 20:27

HAPPY EASTER!  I hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday with family and friends...our day was quiet here since our daughter Nicole was traveling with the Womens Rowing Team for Clemson.  I decided to spend a few hours digging through old family photos and came across this GEM!  This was my childhood BEFORE there were 8 kids...we were such a good looking group in 1969!  I laugh when I look at this picture, because I am not sure which one of us is scarier!  Can you guess which one is my sister Michelle...YEP, she's the adorable one wearing the pink dress with the white collar and the buofant hairdoo!  Mother must have spent extra time on that mess!  Her dress appears to be two sizes too small for her and it is fitting more like a shirt rather than a dress, but what does she care...she's like 3 or 4 in this picture!  This photo was taken before the EASTER incident where Michelle cut the cowlick out of her hair! 

My brother Tony, on the end at the right is sitting like he is at "ATTENTION"...and it appears as if becoming a Colonel in the Army was the perfect career choice for him!  This picture of my brother screams..."I'm Bossy!"  Can it get any more PERFECT?  I'm the one in the gorgeous blue rimmed glasses sitting at the left end of the picture...and I have that look on my face that says...ARE WE DONE YET?  Family photos...aren't they the BEST?


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Saturday, 11 April 2009 21:11

FINALLY!  the Inside the Box Quilt is completed and it turned out great!  Now you can see the bold statement the piano key border makes on a simple quilt like this.  I find the simpler the blocks are in a quilt layout the more it calls out to you to put on a "zinger" for a border...like these beautiful piano keys!  The next time you are working on a quilt that has a very simple block set, try spicing it up a bit with a bold outside border, you will be surprised the outcome it will give you.  Once again click on the picture and view this quilt closer up so you can see the play of color across it!  

Well, I have several quilts in the planning stages but I think I will put them on hold for a bit while I work on some smaller projects that I have been wanting to do.  I have a list as long as my arm and I think I better get crackin' on it!  So many quilty projects to make and so little time!


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Friday, 10 April 2009 20:34

I am really moving quick on the INSIDE THE BOX Quilt and here is the pile of pieced sections for my piano key border to prove it!  See, I do get a few things done around here and I don't just containerize everything and then forget it on the shelf!  I just have to sew these sections all together and add them to the quilt.  I think I am really going to like this one!  Have I mentioned lately that I just LOVE Red?  Check back soon, I should have the quilt together very soon!


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