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Wednesday, 25 March 2009 21:15

I'm taking a small break from writing about the many quilt projects I am in the middle of and the obsessing I do with my containers to chat a little about my daughter Nicole.  The picture on the right was taken last spring when the Clemson Womens Row Team won the ACC Championships.  We are so proud of our "little girl"...she's really a good kid!  As I type this I am reminded of one particular afternoon that we went to "PARENTS DAY"  at Clemson, where each of the class ranks were dressing up in a theme of sorts.  Nicole's class theme was "High School Days".  We arrived that warm spring day on Campus with NO idea as to what Nicole was dressing up as.  Our children attended Catholic School...Nicole went to Catholic School from Kindergarten through her Senior Year of High School and we just assumed she would wear something that replicated her Catholic School Uniform...or perhaps the cheerleading outfit she had from High School.   Her Catholic School Uniform...made up of plaid skirts, white polo's and "appropriate" shoes was really the image we expected to see that day.   UHHH...NOT SO MUCH!  Our sweet, adorable Catholic School daughter came out of the boat house wearing this...

It was one of those priceless, but proud moments in your life that takes your breath away.  I am sure the look on my face was nothing less than appalled...and shocked!  My daughter...my PINK AND LIME GREEN daughter was dressed like something straight out of a Gothic Movie.  The mother who was standing next to me leaned over and said..."Which of the girls here is YOURS?" I wanted to crawl under the bleachers by the water, but instead I pointed at this child all dressed in black, scaring the daylights out of me.  She just laughed and said..."YOU MUST BE SOOOOO PROUD!"  I didn't know what else to say, except..."Oh we ARE...considering we paid for 13 years of Catholic School!" 

I look at this picture of her and I think to myself "THANK GOODNESS FOR PINK AND LIME GREEN"!

PS...See Mic...I do write blogs without mentioning YOU, however...tomorrow is a new day!


Wednesday, 25 March 2009 19:52

Now isn't this the beginning of a HAPPY quilt?  The center is now done and the 1st border of white is on.  I love the lattice look it has!  I am now working on the 2nd border...FUN!  This quilt would look great in a lot of different color ways, I just wanted mine to be yellow!  You're going to love the outside border, so be sure to check back and see it come together!

As I had mentioned in yesterdays blog, I have an empty and very sad container, so I am planning the next quilt project...let's just say RED!  Now red happens to be one of my favorite colors in a quilt, and it has been ever since I made the reds and creams quilt for my son Michael and his wife Kellie as a wedding gift.  I named their quilt "A Lifetime of Tomorrow's" and it was really the first quilt I ever made with reds as it's main coloring.  I just loved the way it turned out and I have been obsessed with the color red ever since.  Well, not quite as obsessed as I am with the CONTAINER!   My sisters Mary Jo and Michelle are rolling their eyes right about now.  Remember girls...you LOVE me!




Monday, 23 March 2009 20:35

I can't believe how fast I was able to get all 80 blocks finished for my LEMON SQUARES Quilt!  Here you see the rows going together fairly quick too...I hope to have the center of the quilt done with the first border on it in the next day or two for another blog update.  These bright yellow fabrics are so fun to work with and they bring a smile to my face while I am sewing them together!

If you have been keeping track of my container situation, you would know that I have a lonely empty one sitting on the floor of my studio.  What's a girl to do...fill it up with my new project before my sister Mic calls the container police and turns me in for negligence in container use!  She has already asked me a dozen times what's with this unnatural obsession with the container that I seem to have.  She so worries about my mental health!  Either that, or she simply wants me to believe that I'm JUST NOT RIGHT!  Imagine that!


Friday, 20 March 2009 21:46

Progress continues with the LEMON SQUARES Quilt...here I have my trusty container on my work station all set to crank out those blocks.  The container that houses my project fabrics seams less than filled, but it is mainly because this particular quilt project uses triangle units in a multitude of different yellows and white tone on tone strips.  Ok, it also could have a small amount to do with the fact that I am compulsive about organizing the container too!  Imagine that!

The LEMON SQUARES Quilt Blocks are going fairly quick and I think I will have all 80 blocks made in two or three days.  This is one of those projects that just makes you HAPPY, because it is bright with easy peasy piecing involved!  What else can you ask for?

OK...all you blog followers...how many of you have joined the container craze with me and containerized a project or two or 15?  It's ok, say it out loud!


Tuesday, 17 March 2009 20:27

OK everyone out there, here's a picture of a machine appliqued project that I had made for a store display last year.  The actual applique pattern is one of Amy Bradley's cute designs, I just love her stuff!  I machine appliqued this project in all BLACK thread which really gives your  applique a totally different look, and in some cases  (like in this one) it makes the project just POP from the background.  Be sure to click on the picture to enlarge it and get a close up of the detail.  I wanted to set this little guy into a wall hanging so I gave it a smaller plain 1st border and then a piano key border for the outside, using all of the different colored fabrics from the applique itself. 

I named this wall hanging "TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER", because this little guy looks like he is saying just that!  For some odd reason this project reminds me of my son Michael, you know...Mr. Computer Engineer.  My son Michael designed this website and he helps me with all those really dumb questions I have to ask him periodically while I am maintaining the site.  I asked Michael the other day, if he had read my blog to see what "he thought" about it.  His response was simple...Ah... Mom, that would be a negative, there's just TOO many words!  Some days I love my kids more than other days...HA!



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