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Wednesday, 15 January 2014 09:24

Here's a story about a Dog named Adrian...

She's our "Puppy"...yeah, she's 5 years old, but she is still our PUPPY!  We adopted her from Happy Tails in Augusta, GA when she was 2 and yes...she's a Queen...well she thinks she is! We Love her bunches!

About a year in a half ago I decided that Adrian needed a new little bed...with her name on it of course, for the crate you see in the background.  Adrian LOVES her crate, she always has.  It's her comfort zone and all around safe place.  Adrian is a very even keeled sort of dog...

She doesn't bark...unless she's told to.

She doesn't jump on people or lick their faces...she was trained (before we got her) to NO FACE...which means NO licking.

She will stay, sit, roll over and lay down on command.

Really...the only thing you can say about her is that she sheds...all the time, but she is so sweet...you just simply have to overlook that...

as you vacuum 3 or 4 times a week!

I decided to make her little crate bed out of a heavy denim for durability...and what's a quilter to do but Applique her name across the front?  I loved the way it turned out and a king size pillow was a perfect fit for the filler!


Adrian hated it...literally disliked it from the moment I took out the "old towel" that was in her crate and placed this cute little comfort bed inside!  I told her..."in the crate" to which she would normally go directly to her crate like sweet dog treats were being served there.  This time was different...

First...she looked inside the crate, then she glanced back at me with a puzzled look on her face like "really...seriously, you want me to go in there"  and "what in the heck is that big blue thing in there...that's not my holey towel, I love so much"!

With a little coaxing on my part, she finally stepped into the crate...behaving as if the new bed was on FIRE...she continued to stand inside the crate and then walk around and around in circles like it was simply hurting her little paws!  She darted back out and looked at me like..."forget it chick...bring me back my old holey towel".

I even tried taking it out of the crate and putting it in front of the big windows where she LOVES to sleep and see if she would just "get use to it"...


So...now I have a really nice denim doggie bed, complete with the name ADRIAN embroider-appliqued onto it...sitting in the closet, collecting dust.

And Adrian has a towel folded up in the bottom of her crate...I went and bought 4 or 5 of them so we could change them out and wash them...

The moral of the story is this...when it comes to your dog...simple...is BEST!


Tuesday, 14 January 2014 10:34

I'm dusting off the cobwebs in my Phoca Gallery here in The Quilted Story Studio and updating all the cute projects I have made over the last few days, weeks, months...and eeeek...YEARS!  These are the ones that I made "in-between" all the Big Quilts, Major Projects and the Wallets...

Have I mentioned the Wallets?  Yeah...I have a little Etsy Shop too!

Note to self...when I ask again in a couple of weeks "where does the time go"...try to remember about the Wallets you are making!  I love to make them...but they do take time...

YES...more than a minute or two!

Well here I am with these two little adorable Baby Pillows I made for a couple NEW arrivals...two little PINK bundles of Joy!  Little Addie is the most adorable little pumpkin with the biggest eyes...she just makes you smile! She joins her BIG Brother Benji.

The Pillow to the left here was made for Little Leah...she joins her two older sisters Ella and Sarah and is as cute as a button!  I simply love these pretty fabrics...

Addie's was made using a contemporary all over print as her nursery was more modern and the parents tell me it fit perfectly!  I just love the way her name "popped" off the background fabric in a bright teal!

Leah's was made using an adorable print I picked up a while ago and it just screams "little girl"...these little frogs are even cuter in person!  I did her name in a Hot Pink Dot fabric by Moda...called Dot Essentials.


I have almost every color way in Moda's Dot Essentials...

Get Real...Who doesn't?



Monday, 13 January 2014 09:46

Excuse my tardiness...but I simply could not move on to 2014 and all the projects going on here at The Quilted Story Studio without showing off my Handmade Christmas Cards for 2013!

So...please bear with me and let's back up a bit!

I just LOVE these bright and sparkly little Christmas Cards...they turned out adorable and I made them with my own little hands.

And...my big THUMBS!

I must confess though...if you are thinking..."how did you get all those done with the craziness of the Holiday, plus your Etsy Shop"...

Fear Not...I made these little beauties back in March of 2013 with the anticipation of the crazies here in South Carolina.  I am soooo glad I did!  The first one took me all day to figure out, but then I just wrote down a few notes, cut everything out and sat and put them all together in one whole day. Not to shabby for two days work...hmm?

Lookey Me...accomplishment in 2013!


Sunday, 12 January 2014 12:47

Good Grief People...it's 2014 and I haven't written a blog post in about two months!  Just where does the time go...I felt so organized in October...but then the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into almost two months.  Geesh!

This framed poster is hung right above my beloved Ruby Jane and I see daily as I sit at my Machine, sewing away the hours.

I wanted to share this little bit about "ME"...just like the infamous Norman Rockwell's Art piece, I believe that "Every Job is a Self Portrait of the Person who Did it".  One might think that he is saying that your work must be perfect...not quite...really.

I believe that he was saying that one should take pride in the work they do...remembering that when we do "our personal best" we show just how important that particular task is to us.

Let's face it...what might be important to me isn't necessarily the same thing to you and vice versa.  That's OK...whatever yours is to you just bring it to the table.

With that said I hope that 2014 allows me to be a healthy person, a better blogger, and a  more helpful, productive and positive human being.  How about you?

Now...let's get on with it...


Wednesday, 27 November 2013 12:43

Nothing says Happy Thanksgiving better than this adorable Appliqued Towel I made several years ago...just because I could!  Lol!   However...I am hoping my "Tom the Turkey" does not look like this little guy when I unwrap him from the package tomorrow morning!

Now...get your Happy face on and give Thanks for your many blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving ALL!



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