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Wednesday, 25 January 2017 09:45

yard stick boxes for bobbinsYou simply gotta love it when a plan comes together...even when you really had NO plan at all!  Who doesn't LOVE them some Super Cute ways to organize all those pesky little bobbins that we all have strewn across the studio? 

Good Grief...it's true!

I have OCD!

Embrace your weaknesses...it makes life "easier"!

Moving on...let's chat a bit about these little cute bobbin boxes. 

My husband...I call him "Houston" (for those who do not know this) brought home this fun little stack of old yardsticks that he found at his Momma's house...

just because...

he just might need them one day!  And YES, I found the perfect place for these little gems! 

Imagine that!

The funny thing is...Houston never really examined the yardsticks all that closely...UNTIL he decided to cut them up to make these bobbin boxes and just before he made the first cut...he turned it over and there it was...

 close up

Houston's real name...written in his little First Grade hand...DANNY BOWEN.

It just makes you smile...


and then TEAR up, like a big BABY!

So, the Moral of the story is this...

BEFORE he was known as MY "Houston"...he was just a little kid from North East Ohio...named...

Danny Bowen!

It doesn't get more nostalgic than that folks!

Gotta LOVE a Handy Man!


Tuesday, 24 January 2017 10:12

altWell...aren't these SUPER Fabulous?  This particular fabric line is kind of old...

I actually purchased 1 yard cuts from my local Hobby Lobby over 10 years ago. I've decided to call this group my "Cottage Garden" Collection.

Can we say..."fabric hoarder"? 

Now...that's just HARSH...I prefer to be called a "fabric collector"...it sounds so much nicer when it rolls off the tongue!  LOL!

Any who...

I mixed it up with some cute tone on tone's that matched in color hue.  I just love it for these little paper pieced fronts for my upcoming lecture and trunk show in Seneca, SC.  I am counting down the days...I really can't wait!

If you click on the picture to enlarge it...you will notice that there are several of the blocks that are actually duplicated in pattern.  However, a simple change up of the fabric/color placement will give you a whole different look...I love that about this particular quilting technique!

Let's...Quilt On!



Wednesday, 18 January 2017 00:00


It's Work Station Wednesday at The Quilted Story and even though this picture might look like a HOT MESS...it really isn't!

I am working on a super cute display piece for my upcoming Lecture and Trunk Show in February!  Good Grief..it just might be slightly illegal to have this much fun in one day!  If you have never Paper Pieced in Quilting form...this is a must see Lecture.  It's one of those techniques, where the possibities are simply endless.  You are only limited to your imagination! 

However...for me...Paper Piecing allows me to acheive the ultimate in miniatures with some serious "block accuracy" in the mix.  How can it get any better than that?

Stay tuned as I progress in this Fabulous Display!

Quilt On!


Thursday, 12 January 2017 10:44

altI am feeling super Fabulous today...because "Old Dogs can Learn NEW TRICKS"...if you know what I mean! 

Now that my website is back...up and running...I am adding my schedule to the calendar section...which is located on the right hand side of the screen. 

It may or may not have taken me a few days (but heck, who's counting) to figure out how the heck I did this "all the time", without fail...when this little website of mine was my whole world.

I digress...however...

I am EXCITED...to say the least!

First on the calendar of events is Monday, February 6th with my Lecture/Trunk Show at the Lake Mountain Quilters Guild located in Seneca, SC.  This Lecture and Trunk Show is one of my NEWEST added to my list...

"Spectrum of Color"...Playing with Paper!

It's all about a line of QUILTS I designed all around Machine Paper Piecing...and I have to admit...it is AWESOME!  I cannot wait to be there to share these Beautiful Quilts...I hope you can join us for this fun and exciting event!

The following day...Tuesday, February 7th will be an all day Workshop on Paper Piecing Pincushions.  Here, we will learn to Machine Paper Piece with accurate and detail orientated techniques...that will start you on a wonderful and FUN journey in "Playing with Paper"!

 Be sure to check out the calendar for the details of my events...including dates, times and locations!

See you all there!




Saturday, 31 December 2016 22:12


After what seemed like a lifetime away from my Quilted Story website I am finally "Back in the Saddle" again!  Yes, there has been kicking and screaming... and little bit of a tantrum throwing going on...all at the same time...but Good Grief, it is great to be back and I have so many new things to share with you all... So without further ado...let's jump right in! 

Since we have just finished the Holidays and brought in the New Year, I thought a picture of my new sweet "MERRY" Pillow would be a great start!  This is one of those simple, but fun Machine Applique projects that you can make in an afternoon! 

First, I purchased an 18" square pillow cover in this fabulous red and white geometric print from my local Hobby Lobby Store and used a 20" square pillow form...simply because I like to use the rule of thumb of having my pillow form about 2 inches larger than the size of the pillow cover.  This way the form "fills" the cover completely and gives it the "perfect platform" for my panel wrap!  

Second, I Machine Appliqued the word "MERRY" onto a pretty piece of linen...just because I love the way it looks! I then took that piece of linen and made it into a simple panel wrap and used a velcro closure on the back side.  This way I can simply remove the panel wrap whenever I want to replace it with a different "look".  So in essence...I have ONE pillow cover and form...but by changing out the panel wraps, I can get a handful of diffferent "looks"...

How fabulous is that?

Thank You for all your patience regarding my website growing pains and please join us here as we move towards "Great things ahead"!



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