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Tuesday, 28 February 2017 09:31

elephant boy and beach tote

We are thinking "warm thoughts" over here with my Sweet Matilda Jane using this super adorable Beach time set for little Edison as a sample!  It really doesn't get any cuter than this...

Can I get an AMEN?

These designs are from two diffferent sources...for those of you who love to use their embroidery machines and MUST have these!  The Elephant Boy Swimmer is from Munchkyms Designs (NOW under Designs by Ju Ju) and as you can tell...it stitches out super fabulous...they have a "girly" version too...

Here she is...

girly elephant swimmer


If you look closer...perhaps even click on the picture to enlarge it...you will see one of Kymberly's (Munchkyms Design original designer of this this appliique) signature little "POPS"...can you guess what it is? 


Adorable little Belly Buttons...


It makes you giggle like a silly school girl...every...single...time!

Now...for the adorable Beach Bag, I used an Applique Font and Embroidery Font from i2s (the itch 2 stitch)...and there again, you can clearly see that Christy (owner at i2s) knows what she is doing!  They stitched out fabulously and flawlessly.  The Applique Font is called "Closer to Free" and I used the matching "Closer to Free" embroidery font for Edison's name up the side...my goodness I LOVE it bunches! 

The name "Edison" on the Elephant Swimmer Shirt was done in the Font called "Falling Slowly"...it is simply my absolute FAVORITE for boys!  Just PERFECT!

So here's a PLUG for two of my favorite go to for digitized designs...

www.munchkymsdesigns.com (NOW under www.designsbyjuju.com)



Be sure to check them both out...you will LOVE them as much Matilda Jane and I do.


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ONCE UPON A TIME...a funny little READ!
Wednesday, 08 February 2017 00:00



I am going "over" my tutorial section so I can start adding more Tutorials a little more often...so here is a funny little read for you to enjoy while I get my "learnin' ON"!


In the beginning there was a beautiful little shiny black vintage singer featherweight, sitting in the back of a dark and lonely closet.  Not my Grandmothers closet...but likely someone's Grandmother!  I bought her on Ebay...isn't she Gorgeous?





OK...I have the machine...gotta buy some fabrics!  You just have to LOVE the smell of the Calicoes!

My OCD tendencies made me compulsively organize it all by color, on a shelf, made by my Houston.  Isn't it grand?

I think I need another shelf or two or ten!





Now that my fabric is organized...let's get to work and make something real nice!  Darn it Aunt Bethany...he guessed it!





I've been a busy girl...cutting up my fabric into strips so I can take them to the machine and sew my little heart out.  Lookey me...I'm talented!





Since I have only been quilting for a short while, I could only muster up this little quilt...maybe I am not all that talented as I once thought!

Sad thing...I used all my fabric up...

Let's buy MORE!





Thank You Mr. Computer Engineer for building this little "add on" to my Website...now I can write some really cool step by step tutorials that you will NEVER read...mostly because there are too many words!

Love You Anyways!





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Monday, 06 February 2017 15:24

alex twins

Meet my sweet new addition to The Quilted Story Studio...I call them the "Twins".  These are actually TWO-6 drawer cabinets from IKEA that are stacked on top of one another.  I opted NOT to have Houston put the wheels on the bottom of the lower cabinet...just because I simply do not want it moving at all!  LOL!  With all this "Embroidery Machine" work I am doing these days with my Sweet Matilda Jane...I seriously needed an affordable way to organize all the different colored fabric panels that have been prepped with Heat and Bond Lite.  It's kind of important to keep these panels flat...and it isn't just because I am a little over the TOP with OCD!


Just between you and ME...it is the BIGGEST reason for everyone's safety and well being here at The Quilted Story!

Remember to...

Embrace your weaknesses...LOL!

Now...how about a shot of the insides...

drawers openedEach drawer has two color ways...fabrics that are all ready for the next Super Cute Embroidery/Applique on Matilda Jane.  Now  I have to compulsively memorize the drawers that each color is in...



I can!

Let's make something new with my Sweet Girl Matilda Jane soon!

Stay Tuned!


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Wednesday, 25 January 2017 09:45

yard stick boxes for bobbinsYou simply gotta love it when a plan comes together...even when you really had NO plan at all!  Who doesn't LOVE them some Super Cute ways to organize all those pesky little bobbins that we all have strewn across the studio? 

Good Grief...it's true!

I have OCD!

Embrace your weaknesses...it makes life "easier"!

Moving on...let's chat a bit about these little cute bobbin boxes. 

My husband...I call him "Houston" (for those who do not know this) brought home this fun little stack of old yardsticks that he found at his Momma's house...

just because...

he just might need them one day!  And YES, I found the perfect place for these little gems! 

Imagine that!

The funny thing is...Houston never really examined the yardsticks all that closely...UNTIL he decided to cut them up to make these bobbin boxes and just before he made the first cut...he turned it over and there it was...

 close up

Houston's real name...written in his little First Grade hand...DANNY BOWEN.

It just makes you smile...


and then TEAR up, like a big BABY!

So, the Moral of the story is this...

BEFORE he was known as MY "Houston"...he was just a little kid from North East Ohio...named...

Danny Bowen!

It doesn't get more nostalgic than that folks!

Gotta LOVE a Handy Man!


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Tuesday, 24 January 2017 10:12

altWell...aren't these SUPER Fabulous?  This particular fabric line is kind of old...

I actually purchased 1 yard cuts from my local Hobby Lobby over 10 years ago. I've decided to call this group my "Cottage Garden" Collection.

Can we say..."fabric hoarder"? 

Now...that's just HARSH...I prefer to be called a "fabric collector"...it sounds so much nicer when it rolls off the tongue!  LOL!

Any who...

I mixed it up with some cute tone on tone's that matched in color hue.  I just love it for these little paper pieced fronts for my upcoming lecture and trunk show in Seneca, SC.  I am counting down the days...I really can't wait!

If you click on the picture to enlarge it...you will notice that there are several of the blocks that are actually duplicated in pattern.  However, a simple change up of the fabric/color placement will give you a whole different look...I love that about this particular quilting technique!

Let's...Quilt On!



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