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Wednesday, 27 November 2013 12:43

Nothing says Happy Thanksgiving better than this adorable Appliqued Towel I made several years ago...just because I could!  Lol!   However...I am hoping my "Tom the Turkey" does not look like this little guy when I unwrap him from the package tomorrow morning!

Now...get your Happy face on and give Thanks for your many blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving ALL!


Friday, 15 November 2013 21:08

With Thanksgiving fast approaching I thought I best get my Basket full of Fall Mini Pillows uploaded for you all to see before I pack them away to make room for all my Christmas Decorations!  I Love Love Love these adorable little pillows...they make me smile!

The Basket is simply PERFECT to hold these little pillows...I purchased it several years back at our local Hobby Lobby (aka...my little home away from home). This basket is fairly large and since I didn't have 700 of these little gems to fill it up just right...I crunched up some plain brown paper and made a "fake bottom".  This way all my cute pillows sit "on top" and stick out a bit...and it gives an appearance that the basket is overflowing with mini pillows....when in reality it is NOT!

I'm clever that way!


Monday, 04 November 2013 21:33

I've been missing in action lately...I'm not even sure where the time has gone,,,but Good Grief, I have actually gotten a few dozen things done lately!

Here's the PROOF...well at least for one of the "finished" projects anyway!  When I originally made this Beautiful and very densely pieced wall hanging, I had always planned to machine quilt it.  However...that is NOT what ended up happening.  I digress.

This Gorgeous Quilt is finished at 36" square...she has 1728 teeny tiny pieces in it and each piece is roughly 1/4" wide.  What was I thinking?  This quilt was really evident that I am definitely a gluten for punishment!

After the quilt top was completed, I quickly realized just how "heavy" she actually was.  I had to come up with a "new" plan...something that would allow me to show off the piecing but keep all the nooks and crannies across the quilt itself "protected" from the elements.  When I use the word "elements"...I really mean DUST!

That's when I decided that she needed to be framed...you know...behind glass...just like in a framed picture.  So, there you have it..."STARS OVER BURBERRY"!


PS...This little lesson in quilt finishing has opened a whole new world to me...let's explore that together!


Thursday, 17 October 2013 20:10

Who wants to play TWISTER?  Here she is in all her colorful glory...at this point I don't believe I could have made the border any MORE scrappy than she already is!  I did however use ALOT...and when I say alot...I mean NOT ALL of the leftover scraps from the infamous bags of teeny tiny scraps!

Calgon...take me away!

There a total of 1006 pieces in this scrappy little beauty and even though I did NOT use all of the scraps in those bags...I still LOVE LOVE LOVE this gorgeous Quilt!

The Spectrum of Color Book of Quilts is Complete...on to bigger things!


Sunday, 13 October 2013 19:30

WOW...once you have a plan that sounds reasonable...progress is certainly to follow!  So here is my Big Board all set up, including my favorite little "trash basket" to catch all my trimmings and scraps from the scraps that YES...will...go...in...the...TRASH!

The plan here is simple...use as many scraps as possible from the infamous bags of scraps!  I pre-cut a bunch ahead of time and compulsively organize them by color in the sequence I plan to sew them in...yeah...kind of hard to believe!

If you double click on the picture itself you can see at the top of it a little peek of my Twister Quilt Center hanging on my design wall...all ready for her pretty border!

Twister...she's taking shape!



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