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Friday, 23 October 2020 10:36

finalOne LAST Halloween Decoration before I move on to "other things"...and when I say "other things"...I really mean a TON of Crazy!  LOL!

Gracious BE!...I LOVE this Super Cute Little BOO Banner I made for one of my Fireplace Mantels in my home...I had planned this project to actually hang it on the WHITE Painted Fireplace Mantel in the Front Room of my Home...but I really liked it better on the Family Room one that is a Maple Finished Mantel.  It really has the FALL look going on with all the colors...

So...here's the skinny...

I found this adorable Ghost Alphabet Applique at Embroidery Boutique...if you haven't seen her cute STUFF...be sure to check it out here...you won't be disappointed!


I used the smallest file size (5x7) of the B-O-O Ghost Alphabet Applique for this project...but depending on how large your Mantel is or the area in which you plan to hang this banner on...you may just want to use the larger one...which is 9x9.  

Either way...it is FABULOUS!

I stitched my B-O-O Alphabet Letters individually onto a piece of Black Stiffy Felt...you can find it in the FELT Square section of your local Hobby Lobby...Gracious BE!...I LOVE this STUFF!  It comes in a larger piece (about 12x18) and in several colors too!  CHECK it out!

The stiffy felt served as my permanent stabilizer for this project...however...because I stitched a WHITE Ghost directly onto the Black Felt I needed to shadow cover the White fabric first before setting it into the applique.

Know what I mean Jelly Bean?

Perhaps that should be a cute little Tutorial idea for later...but for now...let's move on...

After I stitched out the 3 Ghost Letters...B-O-O...I trimmed the Black Felt close to (about 1/8"-1/4") the outside satin stitched edge of the design itself...this gave the letters a "backdrop" of sorts...

Then I attached the Ghost Letters with a needle and thread and a simple "whip stitch" onto a piece of FALL cording and then added the little cute Pumpkin Bells in the same manner...in between the letters.

I added the Wool Felt Halloween Balls Banner to it when I hung it on the mantel...it's actually NOT attached to the BOO Banner Cording...and just runs in front of the Ghost Banner...this way I can change it up if I choose to later on...next year!  This Wool Felt Halloween Balls Banner came from my local Michaels Store last year...but they still have them this year too!

Think of the possibilites here...you can use other "Halloweenie Words" instead of BOO too...depending where you plan to hang it.  Here's a couple ideas for ya...

-Hocus Pocus


-Trick or Treat

-Family Name

-Ghosts and Gobblins

So...get out that Embroidery Machine...TURN it ON...stop in at Embroidery Boutiques Website mentioned above...and let's get stitching!

Happy Halloween!


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Monday, 19 October 2020 08:15

finished scarecrow with pumpkin frame stand

Todays cute project is a simple little Fall Home Decor for all of you who want to make something with their Embroidery Machine, but need a little break from the same ole same ole...

I found this sweet Scarecrow Applique Design at Embroidery Boutique...I just love the domestic machine appliqued look of the Buttonhole Stitch...it reminds me of the many years I spent perfecting my Machine Applique Skills before becoming a Professional Quilt Instructor and Embroidery Educator.  This skill kept me from really diving into a serious Embroidery Machine Business those early years...but there's NO turning back now!

I've jumped in with both feet and LOVE it Bunches!

Enough about ME...let's talk about this cute little project at hand...

I chose to use the 5x7 Size Applique from this Scarecrow Scene File simply because I already had this adorable Fall Easel frame that I got from my local Hobby Lobby and it fit perfectly on the center of it...leaving just enough of the Orange Frame along the sides peeking out and helping my Embroidery work POP!

It's a Win Win Situation!

I added the word WELCOME onto the actual sign part...using the RAZZLE Font in the .5" size from itch2stitch.  It fit just PERFECT!  I love me some itch2stitch Fonts...how about YOU?

After I adhered the design to the frame I added a simple FALL Cording around the edges that I also found at Hobby Lobby...it just gave that extra something to the design that I really liked.

So...Dust off that Embroidery Machine you got for Christmas LAST year and give this sweet project a try...you'll be so glad you did!


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Wednesday, 07 October 2020 09:16

finished trick or treat door pillow

No matter how old you are...whether or not you have Children or Grandchildren...Trick or Treating is a Favorite pastime.  What better way to celebrate the season than with a Super Cute Ghostly Trick or Treat Door Pillow...hanging at the front entry of your home?  It's a WIN WIN type of situation!

I found this Adorable Ghost Banner Applique Design at one of my FAVORITE places to shop for Appliques...i2s...and I paired it with the so cute Jack and Jill Font...also from i2s!  In the MANY years I have been embroidering and appliqueing using an Embroidery Machine...I can say with most certainty that i2s has some of the absolute BEST and well executed Designs and Fonts!  Be sure to check them out...you will NOT be disappointed!

Find them here...


On to the project at hand...

I combined the 5x7 size of the Ghost Banner Design with the 1.5 Jack and Jill Font for the words TRICK or TREAT in my Embrillance Software and then sent it directly to my USB Stick so I could open the design on my Brother PR655...Matilda Jane!

I wanted the Ghost Applique and Bright colored threads to POP...so I chose to stitch the whole design onto a piece of Rich Black Cotton Twill.  Cotton Twill has a "heavier in hand" kind of feel to the textile...it's PERFECT for pillows and such!  I also used a pieced of Fusible Fleece on the backside of the Black fabric for a permenant stabilization and it also helps make the pillow more like a pillow when you stuff it later!

YAY...for a well executed plan! 

I added a cute Orange and White Ribbon to the top to hang it from the door knob and filled the pillow using fiber fill.  I also fused a pieced of the Fusible Fleece on the back panel of the pillow so that it would be "even" on both the front and back.

I hope you take a moment to visit the i2s site and see what they have to offer...it's one of my Favorite Go To's for designs and I am sure it will be yours too!

Happy Halloween!



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Saturday, 26 September 2020 09:33

new finished table runner

I ask...

Who doesn't LOVE them some FALL Quilty Projects?

Can I get an Amen?

I designed this Super Adorable Fall Table Runner...about 8 years ago for my Sister in Law...Ann.

She's a seamstress too...so it had to be "just right"!


Since the "original" prototype  is now beautifully displayed in Ann's home...I decided it was time to make another one...or two or THREE...


Quite possibly some Fabulous Christmas Gifts?

I am certain I have plenty of fabrics to choose from!

Here's the Skinny...

First I came up with a simple block...designed in my EQ Software and then went to work!

I just LOVE all the Beautiful Fall Fabrics I was able to find in my own stash...

Can you BELIEVE it?

blocks for fall table runner

I made a total of 24 blocks in order to make the Table Runner a nice size without overpowering the room...and it fit nicely on her Coffee Table!

Now...there's a plan!

Here she is...all put together and ready to quilt...

new fall table runner assembled

Don't you just love the Mottled Cream and Tan Fabric I used for the background...it was simply PERFECT for this project!

When I quilted it...I used my Walking Foot for my machine...and did repetitive rows of straight lines in ALL of the Background fabric sections...

Here's a CLOSE Up Picture of the Center...so you can see the quilting better...be sure to double click on it so you can enlarge the photo too!

close up finished fall tabl

I just LOVE the way it turned out...

How about YOU?


new finished table runner


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Friday, 25 September 2020 09:22

finished welcome my pretties hanging

Fall is officially HERE...and you know what that means...get out those super cute Halloween Decorations and bring on the season at hand!

It's CLEAR...I am obsessed with the Movie "Hocus Pocus" staring Bette Midler...it's a timeless CLASSIC!  So..when I saw this adorable Wooden Sign that said "Welcome My Pretties" at my local Michaels Store...I knew I had to have it so I could add a little extra BLING to it!

These cute applique designs are from the Baby Kay's Website...be sure to check out my List of the Tools of the Trade (at the bottom of the blog post) for all the details of where to get everything I use to make this adorable project...

I just LOVE these little guys...or gals...whichever the case may be!  LOL!

I combined the two designs in my Embrillance Software...fit them accordingly to the size of the area I wanted to fill for the "added on" sign to the bottom of the actual wooden cauldron.  I had my Houston (aka...my Husband) cut me a piece of luan (because it is a thinner wood and I didn't want to it be too heavy) and then sanded it smooth and painted it black...

This piece of wood serves as my "backdrop" to adhere the actual design onto...

is that as clear as MUD?

I digress...

I am sure you have noticed by now...after staring at the picture above, that I reverse flipped the little ghost trick or treaters applique...so that they sat nicely (and symetrically even) on either side of the PUMPKIN kiddo applique!  

YES...my OCD is in control here!

Can I get an AMEN?

This is a fairly large design...finishing at 10.5" wide X 6.5" tall (approximately)...with a total of 27,296 stitches in it) and because of that I wanted to be sure to stabilize it "just right"...

So here is what I did...

I ironed a piece of "fusible fleece" to the backside of a cute Black with Orange Dots cotton fabric I got from my local Hobby Lobby...both the fabric and the fusible fleece are cut at least 5-6 inches larger than my finished design piece...I do this for two reasons...

ONE...so I can cut it down to the PERFECT size for my sticky board application...


TWO...so I have enough "extra fabric" to cover the front of the sticky board...plus around to the backside...to give it a nice "finished look"!

Once I have the design stitched out...removed from the frame...I cut the design down (centering it perfectly) and then adhered it to the front of the sticky board and then around to the backside.

I used Stitchy Tape on the backside to adhere the fabric to the backside of the sticky board...

You can use a HOT Glue Gun for this part...however...it's NOT my favorite method...

Apparently, I do not possess the skill it takes to handle a Glue Gun without burning my fingerprints right off!


Let's MOVE on...

I then tore some 1.25" wide strips from the Purple with Black Dots Cotton Fabric (also from Hobby Lobby) and gathered it...using a long "doll making" needle and heavy thread...to make it fit nicely around the framed design.  I did use the "Stitchy Tape" again on the backside of the sticky board to stick the gathered "ruffle" to...as it gave me time to manipulate it in place without burning my finger tips off...once again...Glue Guns and ME do not get along!

Once my design with the ruffle was complete...I adhered the whole thing to that piece of Black Painted Luan...that Houston cut for me earlier.

I simply used a thin black wire...curled...to connect it to the bottom of the cauldron from the top of the Luan piece...so it hung nicely...

as if it had always been there from the "get go"!

Now...how is that for FABULOUS?


finished welcome my pretties hanging


-Kid Behind the Pumpkin Applique Design(5x7 size) www.babykaysapplique.com

-Little Ghost Boy Applique Design(4x4 size) www.babykaysapplique.com

-Fast Frame (I used the Full 8 x 12 inch size)

-Fusible Fleece (Hobby Lobby and Joann's)

-Perfect Stick Stabilizer (I used Floriani Brand)

-WSS (off Brand)

-Heat and Bond Lite Fusible (Hobby Lobby, Joann's, Walmart and On Line)

-Flat Flower Head Pins (used to hold the fabric down onto frame for an extra hold) (Hobby Lobby and Joann's)

-Fabric...Black with Orange Dots for Background of Design (Hobby Lobby) Purple with Black Dots for Ruffle (Hobby Lobby) Orange for Pumpkin Kid and Pumpkin Candy Buckets (Colorworks by PB Textiles) Yellow for Pumpkin Face (Big Pinwheel #LH04025 for Lakehouse Direct Fabrics) Blue for Pants (Blue Batik...Unknown) Purple for Shoes on Pumpkin Kid (Mottled Purple...Unknown) Lime Green for Pumpkin Stem (Zig Zag S#N7700 by Hoffman California International Fabrics) White for Ghosts (Swirly tone on tone...Unknown)

-Thread-Exquisite Brand...Purple #390-Orange #650-Green #983-Blue #413-Yellow #4117-Black #020 and White #010

-Sticky Board (www.fatquartershop.com)

-Stitchery Tape (www.fatquartershop.com)

-Large Doll Making Needle (Hobby Lobby)

-Luan for Base of Design (Home Depot-Lowes-Hobby Lobby)

-Black Spray Paint (Hobby Lobby-Home Depot-Lowes)

-Water Soluble Pen/Pencil for Marking Center of design



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