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Wednesday, 09 October 2013 19:22

AHHH...The blocks are beginning to take shape with my last Scrappy Quilt from my Spectrum of Color pattern series.  I've decided on the name "Twister"...simply because it reminds me of the Fun and Fabulous game we all played as kids!  The circles are actually machine appliqued onto the white background squares.  I''m really happy with the way the the circles have so much play in color because they were cut from "pieced" blocks...they simply pop off the background pieces...simple PERFECTION!

Still playing around with possible layouts, but I am definitely leaning towards a straight set, instead of an on point layout...as in this picture here.  We'll see how it plays out.

Stay tuned...she is taking shape!



Sunday, 29 September 2013 11:35

Woohoo...I am making Progress on my Scrappy Spectrum of Color Quilt...you know...the one I keep telling myself will be the last quilt I need to make in this series in order to use up all those bags that were FULL of leftover scraps!  Yeah...right...lets just say that I may be living on fantasy island in regards to the REALITY of just HOW many scraps I really have in those BAGS!  LOL!

I digress...

Still...I am moving forward, without a care in the world...cutting circles out of those pieced blocks!  LOTS AND LOTS of Circles!  Just how many do I need...I'm not really sure...because I am still planning the layout!

Sometimes, you just gotta have NO plan to keep it lively here!


Tuesday, 24 September 2013 18:32

We interrupt the previously scheduled program of the continuing saga of my Spectrum of Color leftover Scrap Bags to bring you this breaking news...

Isn't this the most adorable baby pillow you have ever seen in your life...ok...perhaps that's an exaggeration of terms...however it is REALLY cute anyway!

My Houston (aka...my husband) has a co-worker who is getting ready to have a bouncing baby boy any day now...his name will be...you guessed it...CAMDEN!

What's a quilter to do?  I went digging in my Stash of fabric and found this fun textile called "2-d zoo" by Alexander Henry.  I love to machine applique the child's name on the front first and then make it into a cute little pillow.  Every new mom on the planet loves to see their child's name spelled out onto something adorable in their nursery!  This little gem fits the bill!

Just a little something to make you smile today!


Saturday, 21 September 2013 10:24

The days are flying by here as I make some serious progress on my latest addition to The Spectrum of Color Quilt Pattern Series.  I am using up some scraps, but if I want to keep it real here I must tell you that the bags do NOT seem to be getting any smaller!  I am already thinking I will have to come up with another project or two in order to get rid of them all!  What in the world was I thinking...actually using all of them?

Here you will see a grouping of pieced blocks in every color way from my leftover scrap bags.  These blocks are trimmed down to about 5 inches or so, and I have another plan as to what I am "cutting OUT" of each block!

Still...I have NO real plan for this quilt...not sure where these blocks are going to lead.  I call it an adventure...some people would call it shear insanity!  I'm OK with my creativity...it makes me extra special!  LOL!

Gotta keep it lively here...


Friday, 06 September 2013 20:01

The other day, I came across...ok...truth be told, I tripped over this huge bag of leftover scraps from my Spectrum of Color Line of Quilts.  Inside this huge bag were these bags full of the leftover scraps that may or may not have been compulsively organized by color...oh wait...they are!  I really thought that I would be able to use ALL of these scraps when I made the quilt "Living in Candy Land"...but seriously...who was I kidding?

Here I am...these scraps are driving me to drink...I gotta do something with them...NOW!

This Quilt will be the 2nd "Leftover" Quilt made from scraps of The Spectrum of Color Line of Quilts...lets get a move on and try using them all up!

A girl can dream...right?



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