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finished best toilet paper

Are you at the point in your Christmas Shopping where you need the PERFECT gift for that ONE person who has...


Maybe you just want to bring a little something for the Hostess at the next Christmas Party you are attending.

Today, we'll take a simple roll of Toilet Paper and slap a little bling on it...

Christmas Holiday Style!

Let's get started...

I am using the ever Fabulous Vine Monogram in the 4 inch size (the MIDDLE letter only)...

you simple cannot go wrong with this Beautiful Monogram Font.

Simple and Classic!

I am gonna shake it up a bit and stray from my usual Fast Frames for hooping today...simply because using the 5x7 hoop that came with my PR655 is the BEST way to go for this particular project!

frame ready toilet paper

In the above picture I have loaded a piece of Heavy Weight Cut Away in my 5x7 hoop...making sure it is tight.  I went ahead and sent the Middle Letter M in the 4 inch size to my machine via the USB Stick. 

Design Stats...

3 5/8” wide X 4” tall

5,274 stitches

Let's load the Toilet Paper! 


That sounded FUNNY!

***Insert laughing uncontrollably!

Who says Monogramming isn't a HOOT!

I used the Costco Brand Toilet Paper...

however, any Toilet Paper will work...just pay attention to the HEIGHT of the roll...

because some are taller than others and that will determine which size Letter you will use. 

Now because my roll of Toilet Paper is what they call a “double” roll...

it is bigger in diameter I used the #5 squares rule of thumb...

Let me explain...

Unroll the Toilet Paper...five squares wide, overlapping it to make it 3 layers deep...(basically back and forth on top of each other).

on machine set up toilet paper

Lay the 3 layers of Toilet Paper on top of the stabilizer...centering it, the best you can. 

Try marking a line on your stabilizer that you will use to line up the bottom edge of the Toilet Paper to keep it straight if need be. 

I just eyeballed it!  I did make sure the center of my design would be “centered” in the MIDDLE of the actual Toilet Paper square. 

I used flat head flower pins to hold it to the stabilizer...but making sure it will CLEAR my needles!

**** you can see will LEAVE the excess of the Toilet Paper hooked onto the main not break it off.  Just set it on a table near by so it doesn't get tangled up during the stitching process!

Here is a close up of my work area...

on the machne 2 toilet paper

Believe it or not...she embroiders this fabulous Vine Monogram Font with PERFECTION...

And with NO WSS on top either!

Can you believe it?

stitching toilet paper's that for Super Fabulous?

When your embroidery work is done...

be very careful when you take it off the machine and out of the frame and remove the you DON'T tear the Toilet Paper!

Ask me how I know!

I trim the Stabilizer EVEN with the height of the Toilet Paper...

as that will stay in place as a backer when you roll the Toilet Paper back in place. 

I used a couple pieces of clear tape to hold it in place (overlapped) in the back.

Throw it in a clear plastic bag (the plain clear food storage bags that have twisty ties

with them are PERFECT for this!)

and then add some pretty curly ribbon to the top for some added sparkly BLING...

finished best toilet paper


Reese Witherspoon would be so PROUD!

“If it's not MOVING...


Happy Holidays!



-Vine Monogram Font...MIDDLE letter ONLY (I used the 4” size) (

-Regular Hoop that came with my Machine (I used the 5x7 inch size)

-Heavy Weight Cut Away Stabilizer (I used and Off Brand)

-Thread (Exquisite Brand) RED#3015

-Toilet Paper Roll (Mine is Costco Brand)

-Flower Head Pins (Hobby Lobby, Joann's and Quilt Shops)

-Clear Storage Bag  (Grocery Stores)

-Curly Ribbon (Hobby Lobby)


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