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santa placemat finished photo shoot

Guess who's coming to dinner...'s NOT Aunt Bethany!

It's Santa...

you know...the Big Jolly Fella, who brings presents to all the good little boys and girls!

Just in case you aren't one of those on the “NICE” still have plenty of time to make a set of these Super Cute Santa Face Placemats for yourself!

After I had gotten all of my decorations up and pulled out my Christmas Placemats...that I had made over 15 years ago...I realized just how “rough” they were starting to look! 

So...Today, we are going to remedy that, real quick and in a hurry!

Let's get started...

If you haven't already purchased a “Santa Applique” sure to check this one out!

I used the 5x7 size of the Santa Applique and I am going to place it on the bottom left corner of my Placemat so it will be off to the side and easily visible...even when I have a plate on it! 

The Stats...

5 1/8” wide X 6 1/8” tall

Approximately 8,937 stitches

Here she goes...

santa placemat on the machine 2

As you can see in the above picture...I used my 8x8 FULL Fast Frame, even though I didn't quite need that big of a frame.  This way I could use the left hand side and the bottom of the frame as a “straight” edge to line the placemat up with.  You can always be certain that your frame edge is using this method will always give you perfect placement, and you can be sure that all of your placemats will have the Santa Appliqued design in the exact same spot!'s that for Fabulous?

I prepared my fast frame with sticky stabilizer and fused a piece of no show mesh cutaway to the backside of my placemat...because I want a permanent hold on the placemats during the laundering process.  And you know, that's gonna happen! 

Be sure to mark the center of your design, using a water soluble pen.  After the fabric panel tack downs are all done...I slapped a piece of WSS on top and let the pretty satin work RUN!

The sticky stabilizer holds the placemat pretty well...but I want to be SURE it doesn't shift...


So I added a couple Flower Head pins on the left side and bottom of my frame and on the right hand side of the frame, where the placemat hangs “over”...I used a couple of my little red clippies from Clover.  I have also used a couple red clippies to hold my WSS on top and in place.

Gracious Alive...I LOVE those red clippies!

Almost as much as I LOVE the way my Placemat turned out...

 santa placemat best finished

And here's a close up of this adorable Santa Applique...

santa placemat close up finished

And before you ask...

YES...I use the White Glitter Mirror Canvas for the brim and ball of Santa's Hat!

I LOVE how it sparkles!

I certainly could NOT stop at just I made a Fabulous set of FOUR!

santa placemats best grouping

It's official...

I'm all set for Santa's visit...

Just in case I can manage to get put on his “NICE” list!

I can't promise...

But...I'll try!

Happy Holidays!



-Santa Applique Design (I used the 5x7 inch size) (

-Fast Frame (I used the Full 8x8 inch size)

-Fusible No Show Mesh Cutaway Stabilizer (I used Floriani Brand)

-Perfect Stick Stabilizer (I used Floriani Brand)

-WSS (off Brand)

-Heat and Bond Lite Fusible (Hobby Lobby, Joann's, Walmart and On Line)

-Clover Wonder Clips (Hobby Lobby, Joann's, Amazon and Quilt Shops)

-Flower Head Pins (Hobby Lobby, Joann's and Quilt Shops)

-Cotton Canvas weight Placemats (I got mine at “Old Time Pottery” Store)

-Fabric...White Swirls (Essentials by Wilmington Prints...Red with Lime Green dots (Christmas Countdown by Deb Strain for Moda)...Cream (solid color-unknown source)...Red Batik (for nose-unknown source)...White Glitter Mirror Canvas for the Hat Brim and Ball (

-Thread-Exquisite Brand...Red #3015-Black #020-Gray #588-Cream #812-White #010

-Water Soluble Pen for Marking Center of design


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