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halloween jar toppers finished 2Are you looking for a cute and simple gift you can make for your child's Teacher, your next door neighbor or your favorite hairdresser?  Perhaps you have a special lady at the Post Office who ships your packages, helps you with customs forms and answers your bazillion questions about shipping overseas? 

Oh wait...that last sentence might just describe ME!

No matter who is on your gift list this fall...today's project is sure to please EVERYONE!

Let's get started...

While scanning the “canning supplies” section of my local Wal-mart...I came across these adorable squatty style wide mouth glass jars with lids...you know...for canning jams and jellies. 

A light bulb went on over my head...

The tops of these jars would be PERFECT for one of my many Halloween designs I have in my files and then I can fill the jar with candy and give it as a super cute gift!

I needed the “perfect” sized circle with a beautiful satin stitch outline...and I found it in the center of the Monogram Patch Clover Applique Design.  This finished circle (from the 5x7 design size) with it's beautiful satin stitch finish was the PERFECT match for the lid of my cute squatty jars!  I could not have planned it any better, if I tried! 

I then took the “Pumpkin” from the LOVE Pumpkin Applique design (4x4 size) and the “Candy Corn” from the Love Candy Corn Applique design (4x4 size) and centered them inside the circle from the Monogram Patch Clover design.  This way...I could make two different toppers for my jars!

 I did the above steps in my software (I used Embrilliance Essentials).

I put sticky stabilizer on my 4.5” X 5” Fast Frame and centered a 4” square piece of Peltex Stabilizer on top of the sticky.  The Peltex will give the circle “body” to allow it to stand alone...just like a patch does.

Here's my loaded Fast Frame all ready to go...

halloween jar toppers frame ready

First things first...

I ran the circle design and trimmed ONLY the actual fabric for the circle...not the Peltex Stabilizer.  You will trim the Peltex Stabilizer AFTER the design is completely done...including the stitching of the candy corn OR pumpkin applique.

Here is what she looks like once the circle fabric panel is tacked in place and trimmed...notice the 4” square piece of Peltex Stabilizer is still in place.

REMEMBER...Do NOT trim the Peltex until the design is complete!

halloween jar topper circle frame ready

Now...run the satin work around the circle but eliminate the triple bean stitch (as it will “peek” out around the edges of the jar lid).

***TIP...use the thread color that closely matches your fabric circle...as the final outcome is better visually...once the circle is in place inside the jar ring.  In my case...I used BLACK thread on the Black Circle and Purple thread on the Purple Circle.

Once your circle is complete...go ahead and run the complete Candy Corn OR Pumpkin Applique inside the circle (I centered it).

And here she goes...

halloween jar topper pumpkin on machine

And because I am making TWO of these adorable jars...here is the Candy Corn design!

halloween jar topper candy corn on machine

You can see in this picture how I matched the thread color CLOSELY to the circle fabric panel...which is purple.  Isn't this adorable spider fabric for my circle background just PERFECT?

Be sure to check the Tools of the Trade at the bottom of this blog post for all the details of what I used for this project and where to get them!

It's how I roll!

Once your designs are complete...remove them from the frame and trim CLOSELY around the circle satin stitching...leaving about an 1/8” of Peltex Stabilizer around the outside.


Ask me how I know!

I used a couple pieces of double face tape to HOLD the design “patches” onto the jar lid before I put them in the ring and on the jar itself.  

***No worries about the outside edge of the circle where the peltex is showing...the ring of the jar lid will conceal it! 


Halloween would NOT be Halloween without some sweet treats added to this cute little jar...so fill her up with some yummy candy corn and pumpkin candies!

I finished it off with a cute ribbon that was simply tied on to the front.

OMG...they look adorable with my Trick or Treat Halloween Decor Bag from a Blog Post I wrote a couple weeks ago...

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?

Let's make a dozen!


halloween jar toppers finished 3


 -Monogram Patch Clover Design(5x7 size) www.babykaysapplique.com

-LOVE Pumpkin Design(4x4 size) www.babykaysapplique.com

-LOVE Candy Corn Design(4x4 size) www.babykaysapplique.com

-Fast Frame (I used the 4.5x5 inch size)

-Peltex Stabilizer (Hobby Lobby and Joann's)

-Perfect Stick Stabilizer (I used Floriani Brand)

-WSS (off Brand)

-Heat and Bond Lite Fusible (Hobby Lobby, Joann's, Walmart and On Line)

-Clover Wonder Clips (Hobby Lobby, Joann's, Amazon and Quilt Shops)

-Fabric...Black Sketch for Pumpkin Circle Background (Joann's) Orange for Pumpkin (Colorworks by PB Textiles) Green (Zig Zag S#N7700 by Hoffman California International Fabrics) Purple Stripe with Spiders for Candy Corn Circle Background (Halloween Magic by M'Liss) Yellow for Candy Corn (Big Pinwheel #LH04025 for Lakehouse Direct Fabrics) Orange for Candy Corn(Be Creative by M'Liss) White for Candy Corn (Unknown)

-Thread-Exquisite Brand...Purple #390-Orange #650-Sage Green #950-Black #020 and White #010-Brown #841-Yellow #4117

-Halloween Ribbon (Hobby Lobby and Michaels)

-Squatty Canning Jars (4pk from Walmart...I have also found them at Target)

-Double Stick Tape to adhere the Patches to the Jar Lid

-Water Soluble Pen for Marking Center of design


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