Thursday, 08 January 2009 19:22

Does this kind of container look familiar to you?  Well, it may not look like much to my sisters (NONE of my 5 sisters sew today, even though Mother insisted we learn what she called "The Skill").  To a quilter, this box is pure Heaven!  Hundreds of strips cut from reds, whites, creams, tans and blues.  How could you ask for anything more?  I am currently working on a new class project and store sample that screams patriotic and it is really beginning to take shape.  You'll have to check back and stay tuned for more on this project update.

This container also brings to mind as to how I organize my ongoing projects and class/store samples.  My whole studio has been what I call "containerized"...by project, color, size, theme or pattern.  I label all my containers, so that when I have several projects going on at once (oh, that's right, no quilter ever worked on more than ONE project at a time...right?) I can pull the container that has the project I need to finish that day, week or month and all of my supplies are neatly tucked inside.  With the exception of when the lid won't stay on simply because there are too many supplies in that said container and it is busting at the seams...literally!  I just hate it when a container won't cooperate with my plan!



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