Saturday, 10 January 2009 04:35

Today is a very special day, it's my mom's birthday...she's the big 7-0!  After 8 children, lots of grandchildren and great grandchildren, she still looks great.  My mother is a true inspiration to others, and she amazes me everyday.  It is because of her that I have pursued my sewing and quilting life.  From the beginning of her insistence that all her daughters learn to sew all the way through her encouraging words of wisdom whenever I made something new, my mother has always been a  positive force in my love of sewing and quilting.

As a young girl I sewed most of my own clothes, and a lot for my brothers and sisters.  Mom was always the one to say in the store while shopping..."Oh, Kathleen, you can make that yourself".  I can't remember one time that my mother has ever made a negative comment about anything I have ever made...she always knew what to say, even if I had made a mistake in the pattern.  She'd say..."You planned that right?"  She taught me to step outside the box and just because none of my friends really sewed, I had a talent unlike no other.  "Don't waste what you know the best" she would tell me.  My mom may not really know that my sewing was a part of me that I knew would always keep me close to her, simply because she encouraged me so.

My mom is the one that will brag to anyone, and I mean ANYONE who is willing to listen about something I have made her or anyone else for that matter.  She is constantly reminding everyone..."Kathleen made this and Kathleen made that".  She's my one member fan club!  So, this is a very special day indeed, just because it is my mom's birthday!  Thank you mom for everything you have done in your life that inspired me to be who I am today and encouraged me everyday to be the best I can be!


PS...I'll go ahead and let the "other" 7 of your kids know that I'M YOUR FAVORITE...it's okay, say it out loud!



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