Wednesday, 25 February 2009 12:36


An EMPTY can that be?  I have not only finished one but two projects that were in these containers.  Do you think I have an unnatural fondness for the "CONTAINERS" in my life?  You may be right...oh heck, let's face it, you are RIGHT!   Embrace your weaknesses, remember?  Do you find yourself wanting to be me when you grow up?  You know, like my sisters do?  OK, maybe not!

It may very well be a crime to let these containers sit empty...what would the container police say if they saw such an unbelievable sight?  My compulsive behavior would never let this happen, so I will fill them with two new projects, ASAP!

I'll call my sisters and ask if they have a cure for my strange fondness for the container...I am sure they will have plenty of advice for me.  Although, now that I think of it, their advice may not be printable!  

Let's move on to safer territory!



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