Monday, 02 March 2009 22:53

I'm moving right along with the Orange Slices Quilt.  The center is now complete and I am working on the fun border I've been talking about.  This is a great time to talk a little about the construction of a quilt.  After I make one block...I set it on the table to make sure it "lays flat" and if it does, I move on to the next block, and I do that EACH and EVERY time I make a block.  If the block does not lay flat, it will not lay flat in the quilt.  And FLAT is what you want in a quilt.

When I sew blocks together to make a competed row, you must lay the pieces you have sewn together in the row construction on the table to see if they lay flat, before you move on and add another block to the row.  Once again, the same rule applies.  If the adjoining blocks do not lay flat then the row will not lay flat in the quilt...and FLAT is GOOD!

Now, each time you sew two rows together, you must do the same thing and lay it on the table to see if it lays flat before you add another row.  When all the rows are sewn together, you must lay the quilt on a flat surface (like a really large table or floor space) and make sure that it is laying completely flat!  If you follow this simple rule of the sections laying flat and double checking it, you will know where your mistake is, and you won't "realize" something is "off" after the whole quilt is done.  Some people think you can "Quilt" out a ripple in a quilt top and I am really sorry, but this not true.  You will end up with a lot of puckers across the quilt, because the fullness has to go somewhere.

The next time you make a quilt project, try this method of "checking" your progression and see how it works for you.  I know it is highly successful for my students...and this is why I love what I do

Ok... I just read over what I had written and it sounds so boring and very monotone, so sing it when you read it and then it sounds a lot more FUN!






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