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Thursday, 23 January 2020 11:47

together pillow finished

Right about now, you are probably wondering...where are you going with that blog title...Kathleen? 

Fear not...I have a plan...so STAY with me here!

We all LOVE Valentines Day, but it's such a short Holiday that most people don't really decorate their homes all that much.

Well...maybe not like “over the top” as I may or may not do at Christmas!

Sound familiar?

Today's project remedies that...simply because it can certainly stay out in the living area of your home all year round!

You are sure to LOVE this one...

Let's take a fabulous combination of sizes from Jamberry Swirls and Simple Day Fonts and combine it with one of the heart appliques from the Heart Bundle Applique Design...all from Baby Kays Appliques!  

Now...that's what I call a SERIOUS plan...in action!

So let's jump right in and get started...

Because I am using my same Red and White pillow from Christmas...

which is an 18” square...I have cut my fabric and cotton batting in the following manner...

-9” Wide X 41” Long (fabric)

-8” Wide X 38.5” Long (100% Cotton Batting)

I prepped my 8x12 Full Fast Frame with sticky stabilizer and then put the

batting onto the sticky first, and then layered the fabric on top of the batting...

centering it, so that there would be “excess” fabric (top and bottom) to make a hem out of over the batting...

when you finish your embroidery work.  

together pillow frame ready

I also added a few of my flat head pins around the edge to secure the top fabric layer and the batting to the frame. 

You will notice that I used the straight edge of the bottom of my fabric to match up with the straight edge of the frame itself...

and this assures me that I am loading it evenly across the frame. 

I also have my center marked with a water soluble pen for a reference point.

Here she goes...

stitching effortlessly...

as my Sweet Matilda Jane always does!

together pillow on the machine

I used my Clover Green Clippies this time because they are LONGER...

and can take a bigger bite where I need it to hold my fabric and batting more securely along the front edge.

And YES...

I slapped on a piece of WSS...

because it makes my heart sing!


Once I removed the finished work from the frame...I

press the top edge over to the backside of the top and the bottom and hemmed it.

After I hemmed both the top and bottom with a nice top stitch,

I put it on the pillow I planned to use and trimmed the length of it to fit with a slight overlap. 

I secured it onto the pillow by sewing velcro at the overlap. 

I just LOVE it when a plan comes together...

How about YOU?


together pillow finished


-Jamberry Swirls and Simple  Day Fonts (www.babykaysappliques.com)

-Heart Bundle Applique (www.babykaysappliques.com)

-Fast Frame (I used the Full 8x12 inch size)

-Perfect Stick Stabilizer (I used Floriani Brand)

-WSS (off Brand)

-Cotton Linen Blend Fabric in Light Gray color (Fabric.com)

-100% Cotton Warm and White Batting

-Flat Head Pins (Hobby Lobby)

-Green Clover Wonder Clips (Hobby Lobby, Joann's, Amazon and Quilt Shops)

-Red and White Geometric Pillow Cover (18”square-Hobby Lobby)

-20” square Pillow Form (Joann's)

-Velcro (to hold the wrap closed on the pillow)

-Fabric...”In Love” by Alexander Henry (for the Heart Applique)

-Thread-Exquisite Brand...Red #3015-White #010-Light Pink #302

-Water Soluble Pen for Marking Center of design

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Monday, 20 January 2020 08:47

valentine card finished card


January is coming to a close and it's time to get a jump on Valentine's Day.

I've always believed that taking the time to make a sweet gift for someone, makes me feel like I'm getting the gift too! 

How about YOU?

When I first saw this adorable Stick Couple embroidery design a while back...

my first thought was...

“That's gonna make a Fabulous Card for my special Valentine"! 

How about making a set of 4...using each of the designs in the set!

Now...that's a plan!

Let's get started...

Cut the following pieces for EACH card you want to make...

-6.5” wide x 6” tall cotton fabric (a lighter colored solid works best!)

-Heat and Bond Lite (cut slightly smaller than the fabric)

-6.5” wide x 6” tall Buckram Stabilizer

I am using the 4x4 design size (Stick Couple Love 1 version)...

which is just perfect for my card front, and leaves me just the right amount of room to add some “LOVE”...

using the 1” Quirky Girl Font in all Capital Letters!

First...let's prep our Fast Frame and Fabric...

Fuse the Heat and Bond Lite (per the package instructions) to the backside of the cotton fabric. 

Remove the paper release from the Heat and Bond and fuse the Buckram stabilizer

to the Heat and Bond side of the prepped fabric.

You essentially have a 3 layered piece that is now the base for your card front. 

This layering process gives you the proper stabilization you will need to make the embroidered card base.

I used the 5x7 Fast Frame...prepped with a sticky stabilizer

(use whatever frame for your machine that will accommodate the prepped layered base that you just made).

Find the center of your prepped piece and mark it with a water soluble pen. 

Stick the prepped base piece to the sticky stabilizer...

centering it the best you can on the frame. 

Here's what my frame looks like all set up...

prepped frame

***TIP...we are making the card front larger and then will cut it down after the design has stitched out...

so don't worry about “perfect placement” at this point.


valentine card on the machine

The sticky stabilizer does ALL the work, keeping the card base panel in it's place. 

No worries about removing all the sticky from the backside of the card base...

it won't show when we put the card together later.

As you can see...

I did NOT use WSS stabilizer on top of the design...

it's just not necessary! 

***Keep in mind that the use of a lighter colored cotton fabric for the main card base

will help this “Sketch” design pop right off the background.

Once the design has finished stitching out...

which takes no time at all with only 3,783 stitches for this approximately 3” wide x 4.75” tall design...

you will remove it from the sticky stabilizer on your frame. 

Do not worry about removing every little piece of sticky stabilizer...

we're going to cover that right up in the next few steps.

Before I cut down the card base panel...

I went ahead and removed the center mark I made with my water soluble pen. 

No need to soak the whole base panel...

just use a wet Q-Tip to add the “right amount” of moisture to remove the mark. 

Easy Peasy...Lemon Squeezy!


cut the base panel down to 4” wide x 5.25” tall

(this size is slightly smaller than the card stock you will be adhering it to). 

Set this aside.

Cut a piece of Card Stock in half...

so it now measures 5.5” tall x 8.5” wide.  Then fold the card stock in half...

making a card that will measure 4.25” tall x 5.5” wide...

Now you can see that your base panel piece is slightly smaller than the actual card itself.

Adhere the embroidered base panel to the card stock...

using one of the two following methods (which ever one you fancy BEST).

-You can simply glue (using a glue stick) the embroidered card base panel right to the front of the card or use double face tape.


-You can fuse a piece of Heat and Bond to the backside of the embroidered base panel and then fuse the whole panel to the front of your card stock. 

Are you surprise you can iron on a piece of card stock? 

YES...you can! 

Just be careful not to use steam or hold you iron onto it for a long period of time...

as you might scorch it. 

You just heat set it enough to melt the Heat and Bond Lite, so it will adhere to the card stock. 

This will hold it in it's place when you take it over to your regular sewing machine

and sew closely to the edge of the embroidered base panel with a top stitch...

sewing through the base panel AND the card stock all at the same time.

valentine card sewing the card

Are you almost as surprised you can SEW through card stock too?

OH...YES, you can!

Don't you just LOVE it when a plan comes together...

No pun intended there!


 valentine card finished card

Make one for your SPECIAL Valentine this year...

or perhaps a set of 4 to give as a gift to your favorite person!




-Stick Couple Love 1 Design (I used the 4x4 size)(https://babykaysappliques.com/product/stick-couple-love-set-of-4-designs-4x4-5x7-6x10-8x8/)

-Quirky Girl Font (1” size for the LOVE word in all Capital Letters)(https://babykaysappliques.com/product/quirky-girl-font-5-1-1-5-2-2-5-bx/)

-Fast Frames (I used the 5x7 inch size)

-Perfect Stick Stabilizer (I used Floriani Brand)

-Buckram Stabilizer (Hobby Lobby...available on the bolt in the stabilizer section)

-Heat and Bond Lite Fusible (Hobby Lobby, Joann's, Walmart and On Line)

-Fabric...Light Gray (Hello World by Abi Hall for Moda-Stock #35305)

-Thread-Exquisite Brand...Black #020-Red #3015

-Card Stock (I used a Heavy Weight from Staples)

-Water Soluble Pen for Marking Center of design



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Sunday, 19 January 2020 09:44


framed monogrammed sweatshirt finished

It's not a secret that Kathleen LOVES her some Monograms...

You know...

BIG...JUMBO Monograms...

And since this project is going to be for ME...I wanted to shake it up a bit, by adding some Fabric Bling to the mix!

Reese Witherspoon would be so PROUD of me!


Let's get moving...

I started off by choosing the 6x10 inch size of the

Rounded Square Patch Applique from the “Monogrammed Patches” design. 

I set it “on point”

and then added my 3 letters in the 6” size of the Vine Monogram Font on top!

By choosing to start with the Square Patch Applique as a base for my completed design...

I was able to add multiple colors to the mix. 

I chose a pretty Pink and Gray Plaid

and then used HOT Pink Thread for the Vine Monogram on top!

It's a WIN...WIN situation!

Here's my design stats...

-7.85” X 7.85” square

-18,850 stitches

I prepped my 8x8 Full Fast Frame with Sticky Stabilizer

and then found my center of the design

using my rule of thumb of 2” below the neckline to the TOP of the design. 

Once you have the mark for the TOP of your design you can easily find your center. 

I also fused a piece of No Show Mesh Cutaway to the backside of my sweatshirt...

for added permanent control during repeated washing's. 

***TIP...When I make shirts for adults

I usually use the 2” number from the neckline to the Top of the design. 

Baby and Children's garments I use a 3/4” to 1” number from the neckline to the Top of the design (this will depend on how SMALL the baby garment is). 

I like my designs to be up on the chest and not in the middle of the stomach...but that's just a personal preference and you should use what ever design placement strikes your fancy!

Here she goes...

framed monogrammed sweatshirt on the machine

Are you thinking...

Red Clippie OVERLOAD?

I LOVE my Red Clippies from Clover...

and I'm NOT ashamed to use the WHOLE box!


As you can see in the above picture...

I have loaded my shirt upside down...

with the waistline going in FIRST to the neck of the machine. 


the design is loaded upside down too! 

This gives me “less stretching” at the neckline of my garment.

Once I had the Applique panel of fabric tacked down and trimmed...

I slapped a piece of WSS on top and let Matilda Jane do her magic...

stitching out all that FABULOUS satin work and triple bean stitch overlay!

Gracious ALIVE...

I LOVE it!

framed monogrammed sweatshirt finished

And just because I “CAN”...

Here's a close up of this Fabulous NEW Monogrammed look...

framed monogrammed sweatshirt close up finished


-Rounded Square Patch (from the Monogrammed Patches Design-I used the 6x10” size and set it on Point)(www.babykaysappliques)

-Vine Monogram Font (I used the 6” size) (www.babykaysappliques)

-Fast Frame (I used the FULL 8x8 inch size)

-Red Clover Clips (Joann's-Hobby Lobby-On Line and Quilt Shops)

-Perfect Stick Stabilizer (I used Floriani Brand)

-No Show Mesh Cutaway Stabilizer (I used Floriani Brand)

-WSS (No Name Brand)

-Pink and Gray Plaid (Joann's)

-Thread (Exquisite Brand) Light Gray #1707 and Hot Pink #325

-Jerzee Brand Sweatshirt (choose your favorite department store or on line store)

-Water Soluble Pen for Marking Center of design

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Saturday, 18 January 2020 00:10

fleece scarf finishedThe Holidays may have come and gone...

but the freezing weather certainly has not left us! 

Almost everyone is experiencing “wintery” days as of late...

and today's project is sure to bring a little warmth on those not so nice moments in time!

Next to wearing a soft pair of Flannel Pajamas...

I gotta say that having a pretty Fleece Scarf runs a close second to being one of my FAVORITES!

Let's get started...

I found this Super Soft Fleece Scarf at my local Walmart...

and they come in several colors, so that gives you more options as to which direction you may want to go with your fabrics!

I have been wanting to use an Appliqued Circle Monogram Font for quite some time now...

and this is the PERFECT project for it!

I decided on the 5 inch size Monogram and placed the bottom of the design 1.5 inches above the area

where the “fringe” starts on the edge of the scarf.  This is really a personal preference...

go with whatever you think looks best for YOU!

I prepped my  7 X 7 inch frame with sticky stabilizer first

and then placed the bottom of my fleece scarf right on the sticky (centering it).

I added a couple of my favorite little red clippies for extra hold! 

Once I have my frame attached to my machine I “floated” a piece of tear away underneath the frame for extra added stability. 

I wanted my backside of my scarf to be almost as pretty as the front side is...

and this stabilizer combination helped me achieve just that!

Here she goes...

fleece scarf satin work

As you see in the above picture...I threw a piece of WSS on top...

just before it starts the satin work. 

I know...


My fabric choice is a really pretty piece of orange cotton batik...

I really love the way this particular fabric cuts so crisply

when I am trimming the letters after the tack down stage. 

If you have never used a cotton batik for your applique panels...

be sure to give it a try...you will simply love it! 

And before you ask...


I still prep the cotton batik fabrics with Heat and Bond Lite on the backside,

just like I do with regular cottons.

Designs Stats...

Overall Size-5” wide X 4 7/8” tall

Stitch Count-11,826


When I got to the triple bean stitch (which is the back and forth straight stitch on TOP of the satin work)...

I went with the same color orange thread as I used for the satin work. 

I really LOVE the way it gives dimension to my letter...

Without it being a “contrast” in color!

fleece scarf close up bean stitch

How about YOU?


Isn't she Beautiful?

fleece scarf finished


Just because I know you all want to see the backside of the scarf...

Here's a close-up...

fleece scarf backside finished

Because I used the Floriani Brand of Sticky Stabilizer...

a simple spritz of water allowed me to remove every bit of it...

and the tear away came off easy too!


since I used the same orange thread for the triple bean stitch...

you do not see any pops of a second color on the backside either!


That's what I call a PLAN!



-Scallop Circle Monogram Applique Font (I used the 5” size) (www.babykaysappliques.com)

-Fast Frame (I used the 7x7 inch size)

-Perfect Stick Stabilizer (I used Floriani Brand)

-Tear Away Stabilizer (off Brand)

-WSS (off Brand)

-Heat and Bond Lite Fusible (Hobby Lobby, Joann's, Walmart and On Line)

-Clover Wonder Clips (Hobby Lobby, Joann's, Amazon and Quilt Shops)

-Fleece Scarf (Walmart)

-Fabric...Orange Cotton Batik (unknown)

-Thread-Exquisite Brand...Lite Orange-#649

-Water Soluble Pen for Marking Center of design

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Thursday, 16 January 2020 00:00

flannel shirt hip monogram finished flannel monogram


“My rule is...if it's not moving...MONOGRAM it”!

As an Embroiderer...I love this quote from the famous Reese Witherspoon...

but seriously...it describes me PERFECTLY!

No matter where I go...

I am constantly looking for the possibilities of items that can be Monogrammed or Appliqued in some way!

Can I get an Amen?

Let's get going...

I started off with a Super Soft Flannel Shirt, I found at my local Costco store...

if you have never shopped the isles of clothing, towels and bedding in this store...

be sure you do...

the monogramming possibilities are endless there!

This particular Flannel Shirt came in a great variety of colors...

and I may or may not have grabbed one of each. 

But really...

there are Super Cute Monograms and Fonts out there and I simply MUST use them ALL!

Who's with ME?

I'm gonna be gutsy today and place my Monogram on the bottom right corner of my flannel shirt,

and since flannel shirts tend to be a button down styled garment...

it is so darn easy to load this onto ANY machine!

I began by playing around in my Embrilliance Software with the many fonts and monograms

to see what struck my fancy, for this particular shirt. 

I settled on the 3” Sofia Font and chose to be BOLD and use only my First and Last initial. 

I am one of those people with the letter “I” for my middle initial and I don't necessarily LOVE what that looks like...

but it certainly does NOT keep me from finding new ways to...


Here she goes...

flannel shirt hip monogram on the machine

I have loaded the bottom corner of my shirt onto my 5X7 Fast Frame...

using a Sticky Stabilizer and a piece of NO Show Mesh Fused to the backside.

I also threw a piece of WSS on top before I hit start...


it's what I do!

My two letter Monogram is about 4.75” wide X 4.5” tall...

with only 5,332 stitches in it...but WOW...she packs a PUNCH!

This particular font is BOLD and using white thread made it pop right off the flannel shirt. 

I am certain...someone will notice!

Be still my heart...

flannel shirt hip monogram finished flannel monogram


Just because I can...

Here's a close up!

flannel shirt hip monogram close up finish


Who's ready for some cooler weather...

That would be ME!



-Sofia Font (I used the 3” size) (www.babykaysappliques.com)

-Fast Frame (I used the 5x7 inch size)

-Perfect Stick Stabilizer (I used Floriani Brand)

-Fusible NO Show Mesh (I used Floriani Brand)

-WSS (off Brand)

-Thread (Exquisite Brand) White #010

-Flannel Shirt (Costco)

-Clover Wonder Clips (Hobby Lobby, Joann's, Amazon and Quilt Shops)

-Water Soluble Pen for Marking Center of design

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