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Monday, 16 December 2019 00:00

finished santa please stop here sign





Doesn't everyone on your Gift list this year need a Super Cute sign...

just like this one to hang in their home this Christmas Holiday?  

I can think of about 4 on my list already! 

Let me tell you how I did it...

so you can make one or two or TEN for those ...

Special Someone's!

I used the "Swirly Beard Santa" Applique design...

and merged it with some Super Cute text in a Font called "Penguin Grins"!

Be sure to check my Tools of the Trade at the bottom of this Blog Post to find all the details of what I used to make this cute sign...

and where I got them too!

I followed the same stitching/stabilizing process I have used when I make my Christmas Ornaments...

by combining my fabric with a piece of Warm and White 100% Cotton Batting before I loaded it into my frame and onto the machine.



I used some of that FABULOUS Glitter Mirror Vinyl for the Santa Hat Brim and Ball too!

Gracious BE!

Once I had the Design stitched out...

I mounted the design onto a piece of Sticky Board...

and then mounted it onto a second piece fo Sticky Board that I had covered with a Pretty Christmas Plaid I got from Hobby Lobby!

And just like some of my previous ornaments...

I used a simple Sparkly White Cording around the edge of the to give it a little POP!

Once I made the "double mount"...I attached the whole thing to this Hanging Chalkboard sign I found at Hobby Lobby!

I also added a Simple Metallic Sparkly Bow and a Santa Jingle Bell...

and changed out the hanger for this fabulou RED Cording to tie it all together just RIGHT!

Isn't it just PERFECT?


-Swirly Beard Santa Applique (https://www.embroidery-boutique.com/products/swirly-beard-santa-applique?_pos=1&_sid=e3640fe58&_ss=r

-Cotton Twill Fabric (stone color)

-Glitter Mirror Vinyl for the Santa Hat Brim and Ball (www.mikriworld.com)

-100% Warm and White Cotton Batting (available at Fat Quarter Shop-Joann's-Hobby Lobby)

-Silver Metallic Cording (Hobby Lobby)

-Red Cording for Hanger (Hobby Lobby)

-Red Metallic Wire Ribbon (Hobby Lobby)

-Santa Jingle Bell (Hobby Lobby)

-Sticky Board (https://www.fatquartershop.com/16-inch-x-20-inch-pres-on-mounting-board)

-Stitchery Tape (https://www.fatquartershop.com/double-sided-stitchery-tape-60-foot-roll


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Sunday, 15 December 2019 00:00

finished hohoho south carolina ornament


this sweet HO HO HO South Carolina Ornament has got to be my FAVORITE so far!

Well...Maybe as of TODAY...anyway!

Tomorrow is another Day!

This time I couldn't pass up using this Beautiful South Carolina State Ho Ho Ho Applique Design from Embroidery Boutique. 

This Super Cute design stitched like a dream and using the 4X4 size was just PERFECT for a Christmas Ornament Mount. 

Once again...I stitched it on a piece of 25 count White Opalescent Lugana Cross Stitch Fabric

with a piece of Warm and White 100% Cotton Batting on the backside. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Sparkly fabric...

it shimmers so nicely for ornaments!

I then mounted the stitched pieced (and batting) onto a piece of Sticky Board...

and then covered a second piece of Sticky Board with a Christmas Plaid fabric that

closely matches the color threads I used to stitched the actual design itself.

I also used a Sparkly Silver and White cording around the paremeter of the actual first layer where the design is stitched onto...

I just Love the BLING it adds to the Ornament itself!

How about YOU?



-Ho Ho Ho South Carolina Applique Design (I used the 4x4 design size) (https://www.embroidery-boutique.com/products/ho-ho-ho-south-carolina-applique?_pos=1&_sid=0a1cb0d0d&_ss=r

-25 Count White Opalescent Lugana Fabric (https://www.fatquartershop.com/zweigart-premium-quality-25-ct-lugana-opalescent-19-27-cross-stitch-fabric)

-100% Warm and White Cotton Batting (available at Fat Quarter Shop-Joann's-Hobby Lobby)

-Metallic Ribbon (Hobby Lobby)

-Silver and White Cording (Hobby Lobby)

-Silver Jingle Bell (Hobby Lobby)

-Sticky Board (https://www.fatquartershop.com/16-inch-x-20-inch-pres-on-mounting-board)

-Stitchery Tape (https://www.fatquartershop.com/double-sided-stitchery-tape-60-foot-roll)

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Saturday, 14 December 2019 00:00

finished reindeer tangled lights ornament

Gracious ALIVE...it's officially Ornament time here at The Quilted Story and Mattie and ME! 

I LOVE it when a plan comes together...

and this Super Cute Reindeer Applique design certainly fits the bill! 

I purchased this Applique Design and have stitched in on several different items...

but this time I have managed to hit it out of the park...well...so to speak. 

This little guy just makes me Happy Happy Happy...know what I mean?

I used the 4x4 design size (smallest in the group) and he stitched like a dream...it's definetly a must have for sure!

Be sure to check out the website mentioned below to purchase this adorable applique...you will not be disappointed!  

Here is the direct link to the design...https://www.appliquecorner.com/reindeer-tangled-in-lights-applique-design.html


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Saturday, 14 December 2019 00:00

finished oh snap ornament

 OMG...My Christmas Ornament parade continues with this Cute Gingerbread Man...

Isn't he the most adorble Christmas applique you have ever seen? 

He reminds me of my oldest Child...Mr. Computer Engineer. 

Whenever the conversations with our son go in a "certain direction" and someone in the room is "put in their place"...

Mr. Computer Engineer always says...SNAP!  

Kind of like...Gotcha!

This particular applique design is from Oh Sew Grammie and you will find the direct link here...


I stitched this design using the 4x4 size on a piece of 25 Opalescent Lugana Fabric...made for Cross Stitching. 

Who says you have to follow ALL the rules and only use Regular Cotton Textiles?

I also used a piece of Warm and White 100% cotton batting as a "Stabilizer" of sorts...

it not only serves as the PERFECT permanent hold for the design itself, 

but also gives the design a little bit of "fluff" inside the little wooden frame I put it in!

Now...that's what I call a WIN WIN situation!

After I trimmed the design and batting down to fit the interior of the little wooden frame...

I then mounted it onto a Sticky Board of the same size...

and then I used some Double sided Stitchery Tape to mount it inside the frame itself.

I finished it off with a simple sweet piece of Red and White Bakers Twine around the inside edge...

using Aleene's Tacky Glue and I just LOVE the way it makes the design POP!  

I also replaced the "twine" hanger that the wooden frame came with...

with the same Red and White Bakers Twine...so it will hang nicely from my Christmas Tree!

 Be sure to check out the Tools of the Trade at the bottom of this post for all the details of what I used to make this Sweet Ornament!


-Oh Snap Applique Design (I used the 4x4 design size) (https://sewgrammie.com/products/oh-snap?_pos=3&_sid=6ea7dd9f4&_ss=r)

-25 Count White Opalescent Lugana Fabric (https://www.fatquartershop.com/zweigart-premium-quality-25-ct-lugana-opalescent-19-27-cross-stitch-fabric)

-100% Warm and White Cotton Batting (available at Fat Quarter Shop-Joann's-Hobby Lobby)

-Wooden Ornament Frame (Hobby Lobby)

-Bakers Twine in Red and White (Hobby Lobby)

-Sticky Board (https://www.fatquartershop.com/16-inch-x-20-inch-pres-on-mounting-board)

-Stitchery Tape (https://www.fatquartershop.com/double-sided-stitchery-tape-60-foot-roll)

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Wednesday, 11 December 2019 00:00


 The Million Dollar question...

Just what the heck is a Digit Saver?

Silly Goose...it's just what it sounds like...

An Embroidery Machine Tool to help you save the "Digits"...

aka "Fingers" from being hit by the needle or NEEDLES!

Now...that is my FAVORITE Tool...

Can I get an AMEN?

           About 9 years ago...shortly after I purchased my first Multi-Needle Machine...Bella Blue Jane...

She accidently BIT me...

When I say BITE...

I really mean my finger got a little TOO close to one of the needles...

while I was "holding down" the applique fabric on my project and it hit my finger tip.  

Gracious BE...

I may or may NOT have said a couple really bad words...


I digress...

The "funny" thing about this little story is this... 

My Houston...aka my Husband...also known as MR. Safety...

was watching me stitch out something just the day before this little incident...

He remarked, quite abrubtly, that I should use something to hold the fabric down...

but NOT my fingers...

LORD...save the Digits...he says!

YEP...just a few days later...he came up with this Sweet Little Gadget...

I call the "Digit Saver"!

Here she is in ACTION...

doing what she does BEST...

double watermark digit saver in use

If you click on the above picture to enlarge it...

you will clearly see that this Little Gadget has saved my Digits a time or two...

the little holes at the tip prove it!

Need one of these in YOUR embroidery room...

They are available for purchase at my Embroidery Machine Lectures/Trunk Shows!

Check out my instagram for more updates...



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