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Thursday, 02 April 2009 19:43

Getting started with the simple Inside the Box Blocks...I am piecing them in such a way that they are perfect each and every time.  They are really going together quickly and I should have them done in two days no problem.  In this quilt I am using several different reds for the centers of the blocks and as many creams and whites I could get my hands on from my stash.  There are at least 2 or 3 or maybe more like...15!  Be sure to check back soon because you are just going to love the "play" you get with the many different creams and whites I used for the background fabrics.

On another note, I am not sure how many of you out there who read my blog on a regular basis go ahead and read the comments that people leave for the blog of the day.  You might just get a laugh out of the comment my sister Jo Jo left for me on the COMPLETED STARBURST blog entry.    I had written that my other sister Mic must be thinking that I had lost my mind, and that I would be looking for it "tomorrow".  So my sister Jo Jo left a comment that said..." I agree with Michelle, you have lost your mind.  Maybe it's in one of your containers! HA!"  You gotta just love SISTERS!


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Wednesday, 01 April 2009 08:10

Have you ever taken a private class with a Professional Quilt Instructor?  With the schedules we all keep these days, it simply makes sense.  My students love it...they get to pick their lesson of choice, date, time and I even go to their place, so they do not have to drag all their supplies and machine to any given location.  It's a win, win situation.  I truly believe a student can benefit from a class that is structured solely around their needs as a quilter. 

There are so many choices for private classes available with me...the most popular are...

MACHINE APPLIQUE 101 OR 102 OR 103 (these classes are completely structured around your brand of machine)






So, if you have the opportunity to take a private lesson with a Professional Quilt Instructor (LIKE MYSELF) you will not be disappointed!  If you have any questions or comments regarding a private lesson please let me know.




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Tuesday, 31 March 2009 20:50

What else could a girl ask for but a container full of different red fabrics and some creams and whites to boot!  This quilt layout will have 99 blocks this time, but they are simple and will go together in no time at all.  Matter of fact, I am hoping to get all of them done within the next two or three days.  We'll see.  I hope to get this quilt made quickly so I can add it to the stack with the YELLOW STARBURST.  Both of these quilts will be heading to my long  arm quilter...FANNIE.  She did a great job on my Orange Slices and my Purple Crazy Coins Quilts and I have them ready to sew the binding on them soon. 

I actually like the process of sewing the binding on a quilt, matter of fact I sew the binding on by hand to the back of the quilt, once it is attached to the front of the quilt by machine.  I just like the way it looks...neat as a pin!  I know...what a SHOCKER!


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Tuesday, 31 March 2009 20:20

The RED fabrics are off my stash shelf and on the big cutting table ready to get sliced and diced!  Have I mentioned once or twice or 20 times how much I LOVE RED?  One cannot have too much RED in their stash...it's just not possible.  If I owned every red fabric manufactured by every single fabric designer I would still not have "enough"!  Does this make me a PIG...a red fabric PIG?  HMMM...imagine that, one more thing Kathleen is obsessed with...red fabric.  Remember, embrace your weaknesses...it creates less havoc in your life.  Sure, your sisters make fun of you, but as my mother always told us kids when we were growing up..."If someone is making fun of you, then they are leaving some other poor soul alone...so consider it your community service for the day"!  Ahh... I love Mothers sense of humor!


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Monday, 30 March 2009 22:56

FINALLY...the LEMON SQUARES Quilt is actually done!  I am so glad I chose to do a regular straight set piano key border...it just makes the whole quilt POP!  Some of my students ask me how I make decisions regarding borders for my quilts.  Even though I use a software package on my computer called EQ5 to design the layouts of my quilts, I usually wait until the center of the quilt is done and up on the design wall before the final decision is made.  I wait to let the quilt speak to me as to what it needs or in some cases...DOESN'T need.  Right about now my sister Michelle is saying to herself...Kathleen has lost her mind completely...she THINKS her quilts talk to her.  It's a visual thing, not necessarily a "real" speaking type of conversation.

Rest assure Mic...my mind is still...well...LOST!  I'll look for it tomorrow!

Stay tuned...the RED QUILT is coming up NEXT!


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