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Monday, 16 March 2009 20:33

I'm just getting started with my new quilt by pulling all these beautiful YELLOW fabrics from my stash...yes, it's shocking that I actually had all of these yellows on my shelf!  Scary, isn't it?  I have already chosen a name for this quilt...I'm calling it "LEMON SQUARES".  The lonely, empty container has come out of the closet and is now completely filled with all these wonderful yellow fabrics.  I can't wait to get started since the weather here in SC has been less than pleasant!  After having about a week of gorgeous weather...sunny, with temperatures in the 80's, we are now experiencing day after day of rain and really cool days.  These bright yellows will bring me a little sunshine during these dreary days!  Check back with me to see how this one turns out...it's going to be a quick one with a fun border to boot!


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Thursday, 12 March 2009 08:49

Warning...I cannot be held responsible for the obnoxious amount of whining you may feel like doing when you see this photo!  OK...I confess...I'm one spoiled gal!  This is a picture of the work station in my Studio...remember, if you call your sewing room a "Studio" it automatically becomes an absolutely HUGE room!  My husband built this work station for me about 12 years ago and the picture does not do it justice!  There are three cabinets (with 2 drawers on each)...one in the center, and one on EACH end of the unit.  It's about 7 feet long and 40" wide.  The top has a laminate center with a solid oak trim around the edge...I wanted the top to be strong, but thin enough to be able to "clamp" those big binder clips on it when "pin basting" a quilt.  You can't tell, but the base of the cabinet is actually a platform of sorts and has huge casters recessed so I can easily move the table where ever I need it in the room.  Are you wondering to yourself, how in the heck do they get it in and out of the room to move?  Well, as luck would have it, my husband thought of that too, since he had originally built it for a bonus room that was located above our garage.  This whole unit comes completely apart...three cabinets, the top, and the base (where the casters are located).  Isn't he a GENIUS?

Now, in the far left corner of the picture where the "AMERICAN BLESSINGS" quilt hangs is actually my free standing, one of a kind design easel...hubby built that too!  Can I brag for a minute?  Not only did my husband design this gorgeous easel, he actually cut the trees down out of our front yard and used that wood to build it with.  NOW...there's a HANDY man, if I don't say so myself!

DEAR DAN (hubby)...YOU'RE THE BEST!  Ok...I'll step down off my bragging box, I'm done...for now.


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Monday, 09 March 2009 20:32

I am sure that it has been mentioned more than once in my life that I am more than slightly obsessed with Machine Applique.  It even takes first place ahead of my compulsive love obsession with the invention of the container!  I know, say it isn't so! 

We are experiencing a heat wave here in South Carolina...the temperatures have been in the 80's for the past few days and it is suppose to stay that way for a few more before it cools down a little.  I  just had to show my spring appliqued towel...I call it "Maymie's Garden" on behalf of my grandmother...Maymie Elouise.   My grandmother was no gardner by any stretch of the imagination, but this is her little garden in heaven...easy to maintain and always beautiful! 

My grandmother, who was my MOTHERS "mama" loved any and everything I ever made her, and she kept it all like it was her most pride possessions!  That must be where my mother got it from, because SHE has everything I have ever made her, even if she has used it to death!  It is more than often that my sister Michelle will call me and tell me that if I don't make Mother another one of "something" I have made her before to replace the "worn out one", she will be forced to hunt me down and run me over with her van.  Oh, the violence!  Let it be known that EVEN when I remake something for Mother, she still "saves" the old ratty one.  Are you starting to put together WHERE I get the compulsive behavior from?  Can we say..."MOTHER"?



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Sunday, 08 March 2009 20:43

Let's step back in time for a moment with this picture of these neat little antique irons.  They had belonged to my grandmother and I remember them being in her home, where she used them as door stops.  If she ever actually "ironed" with them, I am not aware of it.  None the less, I love them dearly and I use them in my Studio as a decoration of sorts.   I was in my studio this morning, getting the backing to my ORANGE SLICES quilt pieced when my sister Michelle called me and made some comment about it being day light savings time.  I gasped out loud...I can't believe I had completely forgotten to set my clocks ahead!  I always "fix" my clocks before I go to bed that night, but it totally slipped my compulsive mind!  My sister Michelle's response to this was "Go back to sleep"! 

After I laughed to myself about not remembering to set my clocks, my thoughts went to how my  Aunt Eleanor would get herself completely worked up into a full fledged tizzy about having to be on what she called "FAST TIME".  Yes, you guessed it...when we would set the clocks back in the Fall, she would say the same thing about the "SLOW TIME" we were all on.  It would be at least a couple weeks before she could get herself "settled" into what she called the FAST OR SLOW TIME...as if the clocks ran faster or slower than usual.  My Aunt Eleanor was a woman with a wonderful sense of humor, and sometimes she didn't even realize just how funny she really was.  Even though my Aunt Eleanor is no longer with us, I will always smile each and every time we change our clocks ahead or back as it takes me to all those fun memories of her.

PS...get use to it...WE'RE ON FAST TIME NOW!


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Friday, 06 March 2009 19:55

Have you ever had a friend, family member, neighbor or simple acquaintance that needed a little "pick me up"?  Well, that's what this little pretty is for!  Over the years, I have found myself knowing someone who simply needed a smile, a hug, and a little Random Act of Kindness.  I have made so many of these cute table toppers I think I could sew one in my sleep!  The plain clear candy dish with a seal able lid is perfect to hold matching colored candy too...tie a ribbon around the neck of it to make it complete. 

This particular one was made for a friend of mine who was undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer.  She was having a particularly hard time getting started with her treatments so I made this little gift for her, and filled the candy dish with M&M's in the Pink colors for Breast Cancer.  I included a little note saying that whenever she was having a bad day or simply didn't seem like herself, she should grab a handful of these "sweetness" pills and put a smile on her face knowing she was being thought of at that moment!  She told me later in her treatment that she had put this little table topper and candy dish on her kitchen counter and every time she looked at it, she would smile and laugh a little knowing she had all the sweetness pills she would need to get her through whatever the day was about to bring her.  Tears came to my eyes as she told me this, realizing I had done more with that little table topper and candy dish than I could have possibly imagined!  It just goes to show, that you never really know how much a little "Random Act of Kindness" can do for someone you might encounter in your life!  



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