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Saturday, 07 February 2009 22:07

Here it is!  All those Reds/Whites and Blues in a wonderful wallhanging.  It measures about 42" square and has almost 1200 pieces...I just love the look you get when you use alot of different fabrics.  MORE is always better...say it with me!  This quilt top was made using a simple 4 blocks a day until all 64 were made.  Containerize a project yourself and see how easy it really is to get something done without it becoming totally overwhelming and another one of your UFO"S!  Come on...join the fun!



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Sunday, 01 February 2009 22:12

Here's the latest hint to what all those Reds-Whites and Blues log cabin blocks were for.  It's just a corner of the finished wall hanging and with the large amount of different shades and prints of Reds-Whites and Blues I just love the depth perception you get with it all.  Click on the picture and you will see a closer look...isn't quilting the greatest?  One of the most important aspects to color theory I teach my students is that you really need the different sizes of shapes, prints and tonal fabrics in order to achieve depth perception you really want for any quilted project.  This is probably one of the most difficult things for quilters of any level to learn.  Be patient...it just takes time and practice!   Have confidence, you CAN do it!



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Saturday, 31 January 2009 04:42

Is this the cutest or what?   I've never met a child who didn't like to see their "name" on something.  Because of the limited embroidery capabilities of my machine (embroidery field size) I developed a technique I call Embroidery Applique...it involves all kinds of lettering.  These letters are not embroidered, rather they are appliqued in such a way to achieve the look of embroidery.  With this technique, I can put any size letters on just about anything.  I love to machine applique...it's the coolest thing I do!


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Tuesday, 27 January 2009 21:30

Have I mentioned that I just love the invention of the "CONTAINER"?  I am actually slightly compulsive about it...ok, I am really COMPULSIVE about it.  Embrace your weaknesses, that's what I say!  Here's a picture of one of the container areas of my studio.  Notice these containers are all labeled...it really helps when you have more than one or two or TEN containers at one time.  My family says the labeling of the containers is just part of my whole neat freak tendencies...can you believe that? 

I like to use the larger containers to store those "special" fabrics I have purchased that are for one particular project, because if it goes in my regular stash it may get used up in something it was not intended for.  In that case I would simply have to buy more fabric...and we just can't have that now, can we?  I use the smaller shoebox size containers for those little strips of fabrics organized for any of the many paper piecing projects I have going on.  Believe it or not using the container system of organizing projects, or fabrics for projects is really a great way to keeping things less cluttered in your sewing space.  It's not just for us NEAT FREAKS any more!




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Wednesday, 21 January 2009 23:49

Have you guessed what this beautiful group of red, white and blue blocks are going to make?  I stuck to my 4 blocks a day and before I knew it, all 64 blocks were complete.  It seems less daunting to me when I break the quilt down to small increments of time per day.  I needed 64 blocks total, divided by making 4 blocks a day, equals 16 days.  Once you make a few of these blocks, you can whip each one out fairly quick...I have it down to 20 minutes per block...no blocks are the same in color sequence.  I love the play you get when you use a lot of different reds, whites and blues.  It also hides a multitude of sins when piecing.  The more different fabrics you use in one project will keep the eye from seeing any flaws in the piecing.  My students love this little quilting fact!  Try it, you're gonna love it!  I simply love what I do!

PS...another little tidbit about this particular project...there are almost 1200 pieces in the completed wall hanging (YES, it's a wall hanging)



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