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Thursday, 05 July 2018 22:01

cut corner to corner

Continuing on with my Hour Glass Blocks today...

First cutting on the line I had drawn and then again from the opposite corner to corner too...this yeilds 4 units.

I pressed each unit to the printed fabric and then RST two of the units together...pinning at the opposing seams.



Then it's back to the machine to chain piece these units together...I like to do at least 20 or so at a time.

Kind of like mindless sewing...you don't have to "think" too hard!


trimming blocks

After pressing the blocks open...I trim them down to an unfinished 4.5" and you can see the cute little pile of fabric slivers on my cutting board.

Before you ask...


I don't SAVE those tiny slivers...


Quilt on!


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Thursday, 05 July 2018 08:50

chain piecing blocks

Moving forward with my current Baby Quilt Project...I have decided on the Hour Glass Block...

Simply because I have not made one in a SCRAPPY version and why not make it a Baby Quilt...

You know...

just in case the whole thing bores me to death and I just want to get it done!

Does this happen to YOU...or am I the ONLY one who faces this delimna?

I digress.

Never mind the fact that Kathleen has a bazillion projects in various stages of progress in the Studio to date...

It's how I ROLL!

At this point I have a Bucket List of projects that I want to do and what better way to attack the list but by making them into smaller projects...

like Baby Quilts...

Now...there's a PLAN!

Here's the skinny of what I did today...

-Cut 5.5" squares from your Print Fabrics AND your Background Fabric...to make the quilt the same size I am (36" X 44" Finished) you will need a total of 50 print squares and 50 background squares.

-Draw a line Corner to Corner on the WRONG side of all your background squares.

-RST one background square with one printed square and pin to hold in place...do this with all 50.

-Using the line as you guide...sew a 1/4" seam allowance from BOTH sides of the line...this is what I am doing today (in the picture above...be sure to double click the picture to enlarge it for better visual abiltiy)

I like to chain piece...feeding one block in right after the other...it makes for a quicker turn around!

I also like to binge watch something on Netflix and sip on copious amounts of COFFEE...so I can escape reality and live vicariously through a fictional character!


Stay tuned...

Quilt on!


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Monday, 02 July 2018 08:11


It's Sneak Peek Monday...

My cast of "Characters" have been pre-washed and pressed real nice.

I may or may not have removed ALL the Selvages for my Candy Jars...

Read about them HERE!

 I picked up this beautiful array of fabrics from my local Hobby Lobby...

just because I could.


It's time to cut them up...

Sew them back together...

and call it a QUILT!

Stay tuned!

Quilt on!


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Friday, 29 June 2018 07:19

finished quilt top

Gracious Be...

I just LOVE the way this Paper Pieced Christmas Star Wall Quilt turned out...

and lookey me...

a bit ahead of schedule!

832 pieces help make this scrappy star quilt provide a statement and I couldn't be happier!

I am leaving her borderless...


that's how I roll!

 Now...onto the next quilt project while I figure out how I want to finish it...

there are a couple options...

Quilt her in a traditional method...


Frame it like I did with my Stars over Burberry Quilt...read about it HERE.

Which idea would YOU choose?

Quilt On!




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Sunday, 24 June 2018 09:25



Woohoo...I am so excited to get to this point with my Christmas Star Wallhanging.  She is turning out to be a Beauty...at least in my eyes! 

Here's the skinny details of my plan...

-Block size is 4 inches square FINISHED

-Each Black has 13 Pieces

-Total of 64 Blocks in my Quilt

-Total Piece Count for completed quilt is 832

-Quilt Block Set at 8X8

-8 Rows of 8 Blocks

If you click on the picture to make it larger...you will find that the ONLY fabric I used that is constant is the background white tone on tone.  I simply like the way it gives 'definition" to the center of the block...seperating the RED side from the SILVER side helps make the stars stand out as individuals.

It's a WIN WIN situation!

Quilt on!


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